5 Post-Holiday Cleaning Tips For a Renewed Home

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Holidays are fun, until you go through the stress of cleaning the house after the holiday season. It’s all fun and games until you notice that hosting your friends and family for parties and celebrations has left its mark on your home. There is no ignoring all indications that it’s time to clean your house ASAP.

After enjoying the comfort and fun during holidays, home cleaning might prove to be challenging for many of us. But don’t worry if you are feeling lazy and unmotivated. Here are 5 after-holiday cleaning tips to make your home look and feel like new. Let’s have a quick look at how to get things super clean and in order.

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Thoroughly Vacuum Each Room

Aside from post-holiday cleaning, vacuuming is also an essential part of any regular cleaning routine. After the holiday season, you’ll notice dirt, bits of  food and various small debris scattered around the house. There is no better solution for cleaning up this mess than using a vacuum and it various attachments. While vacuuming, try to move the furniture and clean the carpets underneath. Don’t forget tight corners in your rooms, as most dust tends to end up there. You can also take help from professional cleaning services for thoroughly cleaning your house.

Pay Attention To Your Appliances First

Your kitchen appliances might have seen an increase in usage during the holiday season, so, it’s pretty common to have stains and food debris inside the fridge and stove top, and fingerprints all over them. Dirty appliances not only look bad, but they have health-related risks, too. A few drops of denatured alcohol and a good wipe can get rid of the fingerprints. As for the inside, you have to clean the stains thoroughly with a mixture of vinegar and baking soda.

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Clean Your Bathrooms

I know this is the least favorite cleaning task for many people. But trust me, if you have hosted extra guests over the holiday, your bathroom could really use a quick refresh. Quickly wipe the countertops, scrub the floor and shine the mirrors. Doing these tasks post-shower will make them more effortless due to the hot vapors. Even without deep cleaning the toilet, the bathroom will feel a lot fresher. You can also add a beautiful blue vanity or a stylish towel rack to organize and declutter the bathroom. It will keep all your essentials organized and easily accessible while creating a cozy and renewed look.

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Rearrange, Clean and Pack Up Holiday Decorations

As good as the decorations around the house — and on the Christmas tree — make your home look, cleaning the decorations and packing them up can be tedious.  First declutter any lighting  you have hung and pack it in an orderly fashion to prevent tangling. Next, clean the rest of the decorations with rubbing alcohol and store them inside clearly marked boxes and packets. If you feel like you won’t be using some of your decorations for next year, consider donating them or giving them away to give them a second life before throwing them out.

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Organize and Clean Your Guest Room

Holiday seasons can sometimes mean inviting guests or relatives who are traveling to stay in your home. Once they leave your house, it’s time to get the guest room in order. Remove the used sheets from the bed and change the linen so it’s fresh for your next guest. Clean the carpets and vacuum the entire room thoroughly. Last but not least make sure any guest bathroom is clean. Your guest room will then feel clean, comfortable and welcoming. Your next guest will surely appreciate the freshness.

Now that wasn’t so bad, was it?

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