Why Is Mobile Gaming Dominating The Market?

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Although spending a few hours in an art museum is appealing, changing-up your downtime by watching a Netflix show or an Amazon Prime movie is often necessary. After all, there’s only so much art and creativity one can experience in a day before our brains potentially go into overload. Aside from on-demand streaming services, another alternative entertainment option  is mobile gaming, –with gaming on miniature handheld devices being the go-to option for millions of people.

Mobile gaming is booming in the modern world. The market size for smartphone games  is expected to reach $272 billion by 2030. Asia is the key territory in its rise through the entertainment ranks, with the continent making $34.114 billion in revenue from over 905 million users, according to Statista. China is the biggest player in particular, generating $21.02 billion, which is about 61% of the Asian revenue. However, the United States isn’t far behind, with around 203 million mobile gamers regularly playing games on both iOS and Android.

With these statistics highlighting mobile gaming’s evident growth, why is enjoying a selection of mobile titles now a large part of modern-day society? What is the appeal of playing smartphone games in 2022? Let’s assess some of the key reasons behind smartphone gaming’s growth.

A Convenient Entertainment Option

While gaming on a sophisticated PlayStation 5 console machine has its benefits, it can only be enjoyed inside. Mobile gaming, on the other hand, is portable and can accompany us throughout the day. For example, some people fire-up a particular release during a lunch break at work, while others might tuck into a popular title, such as Among Us, while relaxing in the evening. Most mobile games are designed to be picked up and put down throughout an average day, providing players with a fun and casual gaming experience that can be enjoyed when it suits them.

The games on offer are also now far less intimating to the average casual gamer, certainly when compared to the hugely detailed and tricky console releases out there. As a result of its user-friendly package, mobile gaming has been attracted millions of new players. Console machines, on the other hand, represent a more daunting experience, especially when you factor-in the tougher gameplay and controls. Mobile gaming is fun and entertaining, but it also enables players to enjoy a casual gaming option at a time that suits them. The fact that a selection of top games can be carried around in our pockets makes mobile gaming hugely appealing.

The Games Are Better Than Ever Before

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With the average modern smartphone device boasting plenty of power, game developers have been able to improve their offerings accordingly. As such, we’re seeing an extensive selection of console-quality titles now making the transition over to the mobile gaming arena. For example, successful cross-overs include PUBG, Fortnite, Mario Kart, Call of Duty and Minecraft. These types of sophisticated titles add to mobile gaming’s detailed selection of products, with many gamers also accessing puzzle games and brain training titles, alongside top-rated slots online like Age of the Gods. Mobile gamers can also access augmented reality titles, with Pokemon Go highlighting just how far mobile gaming has come. Niantic’s product has been a huge success, offering players a truly immersive gaming experience while they explore an outdoor environment.

A More Affordable Gaming Option

While console gaming  is hugely expensive and doesn’t provide a gaming opportunity for everyone, mobile games, on the other hand, are either free or very cheap, making it affordable for all.

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