Product Review: BumbleBee Linens for The Home and Gifts

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As spring moves into summer,  there’s another season you might need to be ready for: Gift Giving Season. This time of year, people are getting engaged or married, graduating from college, or possibly moving away from home for the first time — events which usher-in lots of opportunities for you to familiarize yourself with choosing a housewarming gift. In the event that no gift registry is available and you must come up with a gift idea on your own, here’s one that’s foolproof: Linens. Everyone loves linens because, while they are practical and useful, they are also seen as being fancy or for ‘special occasions,’ and are thus something that people hesitate to  buy for themselves — in other words, Linens are the Perfect Gift. No matter what you are looking for in household linens, BumbleBee Linens has you covered.

bumblebee linens line of product

When I was growing up, having nice linens was a big deal, and they were all over our family home. In fact, putting linens on the top of a dresser or display table to protect the fine wood or finished surfaces from scratches is something that I still do, so to see BumbleBee keeping the tradition of owning fine linens alive is pleasingly nostalgic to me. You know what else is cool? How affordable their products are.

forget me not hankie

You may think that no one uses handkerchiefs anymore, but you know what? They make a nice gift.  This Forget Me Not Handkerchief design is imported from Switzerland and is absolutely gorgeous! Forget-Me-Nots are small blue flowers that symbolize true love, so this hankie is a perfect gift for a bride as her ‘something blue,’ item, or just to give a loved one to let them know you are thinking of them. BumbleBee offers the largest selection of handkerchiefs online. Any order can be  personalized to create a lasting keepsake, with custom embroidery done in-house. Seriously, what a great idea.

linen hand towels hemstitched edges
Linen Hand Towels with Hemstitched Edges

Linen hand towels are a one-size-fits-all gift that anyone would welcome. BumbleBee has tons of design that range from simple and classic like the ones seen above, to fancy embroidered towels with seasonal designs. Hand towels come 4 to a pack, which makes them a great buy.

linen hand towels embroidered dots
Hemstitched Linen Hand Towels with Embroidered Dots

The two sets of hand towels seen in this article were received by me for review. They are so beautiful and delicate-looking, but I use them daily and do not wait for company or a special occasion — because I like to have nice things! All BumbleBee Linens products are very high quality and can stand-up to multiple machine wash cycles and still look great, so you will have them for a long time.

hand towel detail
Detail of Towel Folded Versus Laid Flat (Photo By Gail)

A gift of BumbleBee Linens is an investment in products that will be cherished by the recipient, and will set you apart as a person who gives valued gifts. There is no need to be hesitant about shopping online either, as their customer service is unparalleled and they  offer no-hassle returns. I invite you to check out their website, BumbleBee Linens (and don’t skip those 5-Star reviews) to browse through their complete product line, which includes bed and table linens, bath towels, vintage-inspired aprons and special occasion gifts that you won’t find anywhere else. Happy shopping!


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