How to Plan a Summer BBQ

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Once those long, warm summer days finally arrive, the thought of having a BBQ is incredibly appealing. With grilled burgers, salads, and refreshing drinks, a BBQ can be a wonderful way to host friends and family. But a good BBQ requires some planning to make sure everyone has the best time. Let’s explore how you can plan a fun and successful summer BBQ.

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Protect Against Inclement Weather

For a start, it’s important that you ensure that the weather doesn’t spoil your day. If it suddenly starts raining, you’ll need to provide shelter to prevent your guests from getting drenched. A shelter can also double as a place to enjoy some shade if it’s a particularly hot, sunny day. Plus, it’s worth providing bug nets to protect your food and guests during the BBQ.

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Choose a Theme

Picking a theme for the event can make your summer BBQ stand out from the crowd. This likely won’t change the food served, but it can determine the decorations you’ll hang and the dress code for yours guests. For instance, if you’re going for a magical, relaxing theme, you could hang up outdoor string lights in your garden. Just pick a fun theme in advance and let your guests know with plenty of time to prepare!

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Send Out the Menu

You should prepare and send out the day’s menu to guests in advance. This way, you can ask if any of your guests have any dietary requirements or allergies that you need to cater to. Afterwards, you’ll be able to tailor your menu and plan your grocery shopping. To throw a quality BBQ, you’ll need meat for burgers, and hotdogs. On top of this, you’ll need vegetarian and vegan alternatives to give your guests a range of options. You can add some extras to your menu as well: kebab skewers, fresh salads, fried halloumi, and an eclectic mix of drinks and desserts can all help elevate your menu.

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Plan the Seating

Finally, it’s worth coming up with a comfortable seating plan to ensure that all your guests feel relaxed and happy during the BBQ. You could begin by putting outdoor cushions on your grass to keep people comfortable away from the tables. After this, you should clean your garden furniture to remove any dirt. If you require extra seating, you can break out the camping chairs to make sure that everyone on the guest list is accommodated.

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Planning a summer BBQ for your friends and family can be exciting, but you want to get things right. By following the suggestions above, you should be all set to enjoy a wonderful day with your loved ones.

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