5 Ways to Make Back to School Cleaning Easier By Involving Your Kids

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Back to School season is finally here, and with summer almost over, it’s time to really clean the house; but if you have any idea about house cleaning and how expansive it can be, you know it’s not an easy job. In that case, your kids might be like an available source of help that you can quickly recruit. At the same time, you might be confused about whether mixing kids and the types of complex chores that go into comprehensive cleaning is a good idea. Let me tell you; it is if you know just the right ways to make house cleaning easier when you get your kids involved. It can even be fun! Let’s have a look at five ways to make this happen.

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Give Kids Freedom in Choosing Chores

Instead of forcing them to participate in the cleaning, you can give them the freedom to choose the chores they like to do. Remember, even the slightest help can be a massive contribution since it’s coming from a child. This way, you won’t end you assigning chores your kids might not be ready for. Instead, as your child gets the job done, keep showing your appreciation, and he or she will take on more significant tasks to lend  hand with the housework.

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Get Kids Involved in a Yard Sale

You already know the best time for a yard or garage sale usually takes place in late summer. For this kind of a sale, you need to accumulate all the unnecessary, unwanted and unused items in your home, and tag them with prices for the sale. You can add incentive for your kids to participate in the event by working out  a split the profit into a percentage that works for both of you.  Not only can your kids earn some extra spending money, but it’ll also encourage them to take part in your next spring cleaning.

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Work as a Team

Your child’s experience in cleaning might not match yours, but still, you have to work as a team to get the job done. Since kids can spend lot of time on a simple task, you must be patient because they are trying their best. For the same reason, you might think it’s best to do the cleaning yourself to get it done faster, but it’s important to have your kids participate to teach them about cleaning habits and responsibilities.

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Offer a Reward

House cleaning can be an excellent way for you and your kids to bond over a common goal. You will also be teach your kids the responsibility of keeping your shared home clean, which will change their perspective towards cleanliness as they grow up. Finally, to make the cleaning easier with kids, you can arrange a reward system to encourage them to participate in this activity more often. The reward can be pocket money, a gift, or even a compliment about your kid’s hard work.

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Turn Cleaning Into a Game

You’ll be surprised to see how much a competitive child can get done in minutes. To make Back to School cleaning fun and enjoyable for them, make a race to see who can get the most tasks done in a certain amount of time.  If you have more than one child, this will be more especially effective given the natural competitiveness among siblings.

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