Halloween 2022: Try These Netflix-Inspired Costumes and Makeup

wednesday addams

There are many activities you can do for Halloween, including dressing up and going to parties.   With this holiday just around the corner, it’s time for everyone to get creative with their costumes. You and your friends may be attending multiple parties, and you certainly want to stand out. So, grab your credit cards, get shopping, and find your nearest post office here to get your hands on these Netflix-Inspired costumes and makeup!

umbrella academy

The Umbrella Academy

In case you haven’t heard, Umbrella Academy just got renewed for another season. And what better way to celebrate this victory than by dressing as one of the characters from this dysfunctional family? Gather your Umbrella Academy fanatic friends and dress up. If you’re tall, you’ll definitely want to dress up like Luther Hargreeves. Five’s wardrobe is one of the easiest to match as he’s always in his uniform. Or how about Vanya, who wears a black suit during her orchestra concerts? Whichever character you choose, be sure to take a lot of photos.

emily in paris outfits

Emily in Paris

Dressing like Emily means embracing bright colors and ensuring your outfit has a Parisian flair. Emily goes all out when it comes to fashion. Start placing your order of accessories, such as colorful beret hats, oversized belts, and gloves. To dress like Emily, get your hands on that chic makeup and luxury-dupe pieces!

eleven from stranger things

Stranger Things

Hopefully, you continue to enjoy this series like most people, and what better way to show you’re a fan than by dressing like Eleven for Halloween? Her style had always given an 80s vibe until season four when it changed a little. Still, you have plenty of options on how to rock this Halloween season dressed like Eleven.

dress like dream

The Sandman

To pull off Dream’s distinctive look, you’ll need a black outfit and dark, messy hair. Pretty simple, right? The outfit needs to embrace a grim and gothic feel. Black pants and a trench coat will get the job done. Add a black t-shirt, and you’re good to go. Don’t forget to add dark eyeliner to complete your brooding look.

Wednesday Addams

Are you thinking of channeling your inner goth girl this Halloween? Consider Wednesday Addam’s outfit for your costume. With the show dropping this fall, order your costume just in time to celebrate this release. You’ll need a black dress with a white collar, black thigh-high socks or tights, and lace-up boots. Don’t forget to style your hair in two braids or order a wig.

money heist costumes

Money Heist

This series might have ended, but who can forget how these robbers had everyone glued to their screens? Visit your local Halloween store and get your red jumpsuit and mask. This costume is ideal for a group of friends.

kates bridgerton dress


Feeling romantic? You and your partner can dress up like Anthony Bridgerton and Kate Sharma this Halloween. This famous couple ensured viewers couldn’t get enough of them in season two of Bridgerton. Anthony’s horse riding outfit and Kate’s renassiance dress will ensure you two look great this Halloween.

anthony bridgeton

These are just a few of the best costumes that will make you stand out on October 31st. Whichever character on Netflix tickles your fancy, on Halloween you’re free to dress like whoever you choose!

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