10 Most Amazing College Campus Buildings in the World 

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When it comes to feeling proud of an educational facility, campus buildings worldwide play an essential role. Some  campus buildings are quite ancient and are easily recognized by taking a quick look at a photograph, while others are relatively unknown to most people. One can encounter true architectural beauty or discover unusual technological innovation on campuses located in a mountainous, picturesque area.

While enrolled at college, it also contributes positively to a student’s mental health state to enjoy a plethora of benefits that are available on campus. Great examples are a swimming pool or amazing research labs at A&M Texas University and the famous Toshiba Research Laboratory in Cambridge. Since there are numerous variables at play, the winners on our list contain a little bit of everything to both amaze you and make your studies inspiring!

geisel library
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  1. Geisel Library, University of California, San Diego, USA. 

If you haven’t heard of the Geisel Library building at UCSD, you should definitely check it out! Constructed in 1970, it recalls a building out of Star Wars that would suit aliens well. Futuristic architecture aside, the study requirements at this institution are quite strict. If you feel stuck and wonder what is the best custom essay writing service, you must approach a trained expert and get some help. If you study at a campus like this, getting that rocket science (pun intended) degree is possible!

cutlers theater
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  1. Cutler’s Theater at Emerson College, USA. 

Emerson College is true state-of-the-art facility that belongs on the list of the best college campuses, considering it’s relatively unknown  (outside the States, of course!). Emerson serves as a place for Arts students to learn and discover their true skills!

vassar college library
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  1. Thompson Memorial Library, Vassar College, USA. 

Although it’s meant for elite learners, Vassar college is an important piece of American history. The Thompson Memorial Library has a great campus that stores unique collections of literary and non-fiction works relating to National Security, the cultural heritage of the United States and the world.

oberlin college conservator of music

  1. Conservatory of Music, Oberlin College, USA. 

This is the oldest conservatory college for music studies operating in the country. Practice rooms, recital halls, enormous music libraries, and high-tech recording facilities make it a dream-come-true campus for music students.

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  1. La Trobe Institute for Molecular Science University, Australia. 

This building design was modeled after a molecular structure, with windows that will remind you of atoms. There’s a great cinema hall on campus and numerous research facilities with marine life. La Trobe is one of the most amazing places to learn Molecular Sciences, Engineering, Chemistry, and Biology!

kuggen building
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  1. Kuggen Building, University of Gothenburg Campus, Sweden

The famous Kuggen Building is one of the most unusual campuses, for sure! It’s totally eco-friendly and provides students with great visuals as the campus itself and a sense of freedom. Visiting this special campus, one can feel how geometry works along with the fact that the school focuses on digital communications and game-design studies.

University of the Andes Chile
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  1. University of the Andes, Chile. 

Located in Santiago, this is one of the most amazing campus buildings that you may encounter since it’s located right in the beautiful mountains. It looks more like a five-star hotel than a college facility because they have beautiful university gardens, an infinity swimming pool, and breathtaking views that allow you to learn and discover various cultures at the same time! 

fisher center at bard college
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  1. Fisher Center, Bard Performing Arts College, USA. 

Bard is an ideal place for those who want to master performing arts, as this unusual campus has one of the most amazing acoustic halls and provides students with all the necessary means of inspiration. The campus is rather small, yet it is extravagant and also hosts a great cultural community in the USA.

duke university chapel
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  1. Chapel at Duke University, USA. 

Duke University’s chapel is often called the American Oxford, as it’s also one of the tallest architectural examples in Durham County, NC! With the beautiful-sounding pipe organs and the windows made of stained glass, this campus building also shows the heritage of African American art and the Methodist church learning methods.

deep springs college
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  1. Deep Springs College, USA.  

Located in a remote valley deep in the California dessert, Deep Springs is where you learn by staying at this beautiful ranch  and studying bit like the Waldorf or Montessori schools, where you feel like you have visited family. Deeps Springs College provides a unique educational experience that’s totally worth it!

The Cultural Aspects You Should Not Miss! 

Speaking of the most amazing college campus buildings in the world, one should always consider the cultural aspect that makes the campus unique. If we take Cambridge as an example, it’s sufficient to say that it has been established in 1209 and has paved the way for British educational history and helped to create a famous American settlement across the Atlantic in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It means that as we take a look at the amazing campus building, it is vital to explore the history of the place and the architecture since there are many great things to discover! 

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