Pink Thing Of The Day: The Pale Rosé Bar

pale rose bar photo by gail worley
All Photos By Gail

This week’s Pink Thing is a celebration of Pink for Pinkness’ sake -and why not? Spotted at the recent NYCWFF, this booth for The Pale Rosé wine is so darn pink, I gave it its own private photoshoot! Let’s get our Pink on, shall we?

pale rose bar side view photo by gail worley

Our focus is going to be on the design of this booth and not so much on the wine, which is fine and everything, but whatever. Aside from the fact that tastings were free with paid admission to the fair, how many folks would have stopped to linger and imbibe if not for all of this rad fucking Pinkness? I ask yez.

white vase with feather

Check out these flawless design accents, such as this glowing, spherical  white vase exploding with an array of white feather plumes, set against a shocking pink background. Stunning.

pale rose in bowl photo by gail worley

The Pale Rosé  gets a little reveal from behind a pink curtain. Sexy!

pale rose ad photo by gail worley

Check out these fine ladies from a bygone era (20s?) enjoying a glass of The Pale Rosé and not giving a fuck. Good for them!

pale rose in bowl 2 photo by gail worley

Find out more about The Pale Rosé at This Link!

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