Yes, It Exists: Beatles’ Bubble Bath Dolls!

ringo and paul beatles personality bath photo by gail worley
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It takes a lot to get me to go to New Jersey, but an exhibit featuring Beatles’ memorial inspired by 1960’s-era Beatlemania ? I’m there! Through June 25th, 2023, the Grammy Museum Experience at Prudential Center is hosting Ladies and Gentlemen…The Beatles! Is it worth a trip from Manhattan to Newark, on the PATH train? Oh, yeah.
beatles memorabilia collection photo by gail worley
Beatles’ Personality Bath Displayed with Other Beatles Collectibles

The exhibit covers early 1964 through mid-1966 — the years Beatlemania ran rampant in America. During this period, besides music, the band affected nearly every aspect of pop culture, including fashion, art, advertising, and media. On display are many Beatles-related pop culture artifacts from the era, as well as clothing, correspondence, instruments, posters, photographs, interviews, and interactive displays. It’s lots of fun and a must-see for fans.

beatles personality bath photo by gail worley

One hilarious item that I’d never seen before are these Beatles Bubble Bath Dolls from 1965.  Part of Colgate-Palmolive’s series of Personality Bath products,  these dolls are approximately 10-inches tall and were filled with 11 ounces of pink bubble bath. Paul is wearing a red jacket and playing a guitar left-handed, while Ringo is shown wearing a blue cardigan and holding a single snare drum.  Oddly, Paul and Ringo were the only two Beatles with their own “Soakies,” or plastic figure bubble bath bottles. Dolls for John and George were never issued.

For More Information on Ladies and Gentlemen…The Beatles!or to Purchase Tickets, Visit This Link!

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