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Yes, It Exists: Beatles’ Bubble Bath Dolls!

ringo and paul beatles personality bath photo by gail worley
Photos By Gail

It takes a lot to get me to go to New Jersey, but an exhibit featuring Beatles’ memorial inspired by 1960’s-era Beatlemania ? I’m there! Through June 25th, 2023, the Grammy Museum Experience at Prudential Center is hosting Ladies and Gentlemen…The Beatles! Is it worth a trip from Manhattan to Newark, on the PATH train? Oh, yeah. Continue reading Yes, It Exists: Beatles’ Bubble Bath Dolls!

The Beatles Record “Eight Days a Week”

On this date in 1964: The Beatles recorded “Eight Days a Week” in 13 takes at EMI Studios in London. It was the first time Lennon and McCartney went into the studio with an incomplete song and then finished it during the recording process.