Product Review: Moso Natural Air Purifying Bags

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As a person with a very keen sense of smell, I like to experiment with  scented candles, incense, and diffusers to add the personal touch of a favorite fragrance to my home. The thing is, I also enjoy cooking,  and it’s understood that adding fragrance to the air doesn’t necessarily eliminate the persistent odor of ingredients like onions and spices (I’m looking at you, turmeric) that can linger in a room for days.

In the past, I’ve tried those jars of odor-absorbing gels, and they work OK, but you don’t necessarily want to leave them out where people can see them. They also contain chemicals, so you have to make sure a pet can’t get at them. I hadn’t really given much thought to finding an alternative odor eliminator until I received a sample of Moso Natural Air Purifying Bags for review on this site, which turned out to be a game changer.

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The Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag is a high-quality odor eliminator that absorbs odors rather that covering them up. Without the need for batteries or a power source, this extremely effective air purifier works like a magnet to continuously remove odors and harmful pollutants from the air — while giving off no scent.  Just place the Moso Bag in your home and its active ingredient, moso bamboo charcoal, absorbs the offending odor.

Here’s how I put the Moso Bag to the sniff test: scrambled eggs. I love eggs, but the fact is they can stink up the apartment for hours. After preparing a couple of scrambled eggs for breakfast, and washing all the dishes,  I set the Moso Bag on the counter and went out to run n errand. When I returned home 90 minutes later, the smell of eggs was gone! There is no doubt, these bags are effective odor eliminators.

moso natural air purifying bag photo by gail worley

Moso Natural odor eliminator is a safe alternative to traditional fragranced air fresheners  and gels that, as previously mentioned may contain harmful chemicals. For that reason alone, it’s ideally suited for use by anyone who has a  sensitivity to perfumes. The  bag size I received contains 300 grams of moso bamboo charcoal, sealed inside a beautifully stitched linen bag, which can be placed on any surface. The linen bag also looks nice and fits in with any décor. Be sure to write the date on the front of the bag as soon as you begin using it.

The Moso Bag lasts up to 2 years, with minimal routine rejuvenation — simply place it outside in the sun once a month for one hour. After two years of use as an air purifier, you can cut open the charcoal bag and sprinkle the contents  into your garden to promote plant growth. It’s a cool way to recycle!

Moso Natural air purifying bags are available in major retailers and Amazon in assorted sizes that are perfect for any room of the house, garage, refrigerator and even your car.  For damp, musty environments, the Moso Bag will also absorb excess moisture and regulate humidity! Get more information about Moso Natural products, and shop online (with free shipping) at This Link.

moso natural odor eliminator photo by gail worley

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