Questions You Should Ask When Looking at Assisted Living

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When you start thinking about (or looking at) assisted living, there may be many questions you have. Whether you’re looking at assisted living for yourself or for loved ones, important questions will need answering. You should understand what assisted living is and how it can be beneficial. When you know more about assisted living, you can then make an informed decision.

What is Assisted Living?

Assisted living is all about giving you or a loved one as much independence as possible. It means allowing an elderly to lead their own lifestyles (but with care and support when it is needed). Assisted living within a residential setting or senior village may mean having regular visits from a healthcare professional. It may mean getting support to carry out activities and daily chores such as meal planning and preparation, or assistance getting bathed and dressed.

What is on Offer in an Area or Location?

Now you know what assisted living is, it’s time to think about area and location. Knowing as much as you can about what an area or location has to offer is essential. Some assisted living villages or complexes can be located within towns, meaning that residents can still carry on with a lot of the hobbies or interests they maintained when living independently. Other villages can be located out of town or in a new state, and this can take getting used to. If looking at assisted living in a new area or location, you must ensure that there are adequate facilities and amenities on offer.

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Is Specialized Living Offered?

Even if specialized living is not required right now, it doesn’t mean it won’t be needed in the future. If an elderly relative or loved one has dementia (or develops dementia), you want to be sure that they are getting specialist care and support. Specialized assisted living for those with dementia must therefore be offered at the assisted living facility or village you’re considering. Planning for future care is just as important as planning for the care a loved one receives now. If specialized care is offered, it gives you peace of mind and reassurance. You know that you don’t have to start moving loved ones if their lifestyle or care needs change.

Qualifications of Support Staff

Some assisted living facilities ensure there are always trained members of staff on duty. Others may operate a skeletal roster with minimal care staff for residents. Understanding what qualifications support staff and on site-nurses have, and understanding what shifts are worked, will help you see what kind of culture there is within an assisted living setting. If staff and nurses are happy, contented, and developed, then they will offer better care to residents.

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Availability, Pricing and Payment Options

Even though the cost or price of assisted living may not be your first consideration, it will still be something you will need to enquire about. Establishing how much assisted living costs and what payment options are available is crucial – even at an early stage in the decision-making process. Availability of rooms or units and pricing will help you make the right choice for you and your loved ones.

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