New York Comic Con 2023, Part 1: Mascots and Monsters

nycc 2023 escalator to the show floor photo by gail worley
All Photos By Gail

Ladies, gentlemen, and inter-dimensional beings, gather ’round for a cosmic adventure through the lens of a Comic Con rookie! Hold on to your utility belts and power-up those light sabers because, folks, we’re about to dive headfirst into the whirlwind that was my inaugural voyage to New York Comic Con. Now, before you start judging my ‘capturing cosplayers’ skills, let me lay it out there – my game was weak. But hey, in my defense, I was too busy getting lost in the kaleidoscope of geekdom that is NYCC!

jack in the box cosplayer photo by gail worley

In this first of two mind-blowing photo recaps, join me on a rollercoaster ride through the not-so-serious side of cosplaying. We’ve got a smattering of low-stakes heroes and villains who conveniently stumbled into my field division (by which I mean, they were just there when I pointed my iPhone).

teenage mutant ninja turtles step and repeat photo by gail worley

I’ll also share  some epic, immersive step-and-repeat photo ops, because who can resist striking a heroic pose in front of a backdrop that screams “Adventure time”?

dragon ball characters at floor entrance photo by gail worley

You can also brace yourselves for encounters with monumental inflatable characters from your favorite manga series’, towering over the crowd like friendly giants in the concrete jungle. EEK!

Did I mention monsters? Yes, there will be monsters, because what’s Comic Con without things that go bump in the night? So buckle up, strap in, or don your favorite superhero cape, because you’re in for a treat. This is the tale of a wide-eyed newbie’s initiation into the fantastical realm of NYCC. And fear not, true believers, for this is only Part One! Stay tuned for the grand spectacle that awaits you in Part Two, where I’ll take you on a stroll through the creative haven that is Artist Alley, coming your way in a few weeks or whenever I manage to make it happen.

Without further nonsense, welcome to the chaos, the costumes, and the colossal characters  of my New York Comic Con odyssey! First up, some cosplayers for your geek-loving pleasure

hawk woman and super man photo by gail worley

Hawk Woman and Superman turned out to be friends of my pal Ken, who is such a hardcore Comic Con nerd, he attends the show on all four days! Talk about a SuperHero!

dinosaur inflatable costume photo by gail worley

My favorite thing about this capture of an inflatable Godzilla costume is how it  looks like he’s about to bite that guy’s head off! Nom!

pink haired warrior photo by gail worley

Who is she dressed as? No Idea!

kirby cosplayer photo by gail worley

Sunday was Family Day at Comic Con, and it was crowded as fuck! This young lad is cosplaying as Kirby, the titular character and protagonist of the Nintendo video game series. Also, Pink!

star wars guy photo by gail worley

I think this is a random, lower-tier Star Wars character. I appreciate the pose!

monkey king and mario photo by gail worley

Monkey King and Mario.

wolverine dad with bat girl and deadpool phot by gail worley

It was super fun to see all the parents dressed up with their kids. Here, Wolverine dad (whose mustache game is strong) accompanies his daughters Bat Girl and Deadpool, who’s evidently some kind of crazy-gifted gymnast. Woo!

et at comic con photo by gail worley

ET, too tired to phone home.

pink and blue haired girls photo by gail worley

Random Elf nerd goddesses shopping for make-up.

tall monster cosplayer photo by gail worley

OMG, so scary! It’s Ryuk, the demon from Death Note!

goku from dragon ball installation view photo by gail worley

Manga is big deal at Comic Con, and by big deal I mean a giant inflatable big deal.

goku from dragon ball photo by gail worley

This bad ass dude is call Goku and he’s the main protagonist of the Dragon Ball metaseries created by Akira Toriyama.

luffys gear 5 transformation one piece photo by gail worley

This wild-eyed boy about to stomp on you represents Luffy’s Gear 5 transformation from the manga series One Piece. And yes, I had to look that up.

spy family standees photo by gail worley

If you’re fan of the Spy x Family manga series, it might cool to get a photo posing with its main characters, the Forgers. Why is the daughter’s head so big?

hime from crunchy roll photo by gailworley

If you want to be a little bit sexy, you could pose alongside Hime, a female character who serves as the mascot of anime streaming service Crunchyroll. I love her hair!

dan heng imbibitor lunae figure photo by gail worley

This guy looks like adventure is his middle name. He is known as the Imbibitor Lunae Dan Heng from the role-playing  game Star Rail. Hot.

mega cat photo by gail worley

Do you like cute cats? Who doesn’t. Check out Mega Cat, poised to charm outside the Mega Cat Diner Pop Up which was part of the booth from MegaHouse, a major Japanese toy manufacturer. Oh, the cuteness.

dog man photo by gail worley

Speaking of cuteness, this is Dog Man from Dog Man and Cat Kid, a  children’s mystery adventure book from the same author who brought you Captain Underpants!

cat bus photo op photo by gail worley

Next Stop: Cat Bus photo op!

fan with spiderman figures photo by gail worley

You could get your photo taken with these two different Spiderman figures and say that you met them, even though they were just mannequins. Who would know?

eaten by a shark photo by gail worley

Bucket List of The Dead: Get Eaten by a Shark and live to tell the tale!

dragon ball step and repeat photo by gail worley

You can’t escape Dragon Ball! This cosplayer is maybe going to make this their Holiday Card photo! I approve!

meatball from mouth of madness photo by gail worley

I promised you some monsters, and monsters you shall have! This is Meatball, designed and built by KNB EFX Group under the direction of Greg Nicotero for the 1994 John Carpenter film, In The Mouth of Madness. Scary!

plunderlings characters photo by gail worley

Look how cute these little guys are? They are from the Plunderlings collection and you can have all kinds of fun adventures with them.

ravager mess bucket comics photo by gail worley

Holy Hell! It’s The Ravager from Mess Bucket Comics! Don’t get your hands near his mouth!

pink monsters phot by gail worley

OK, we’re going to Peace Out on Part One with these Pink Monsters from Tokyo Sakura Toys! Thank for reading ad stay-tuned for my insane Comic Con 2023 Photo Recap, Part 2!

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