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Product Review: POTTYMINTS Disolvable Air Freshener!

Potty Mints Booth Display
All Photos By Gail

There is no delicate way to put this: when you share a home with other people, maintaining the quality of the bathroom “atmosphere” is an ongoing consideration. It’s easy enough to light a match or spray some room fresher into the air, but when a solution that’s both discrete and longer-lasting is desired, I’ve got just the thing for the occasional malodorous situation: POTTYMINTS.

Potty Mints Booth Display

I discovered POTTYMINTS at the recent New York Now home show, when I was trawling the aisles for free stuff and was charmed by their attention-grabbing booth display, featuring a toilet with an extravagant bouquet of flowers extending from its bowl to the ceiling. Very impressive! I stopped to talk to POTTYMINTS representative, Matthew Grobman, whose sister and business partner Suzanna Grobman, invented the product after taking a vacation (my guess is they went to Mexico) with her then-boyfriend-now-husband.  You can read an abridged version of what I assure you is an hilarious story here.

Matthew gave me a few sample packets of POTTYMINTS to try at home and here is what happened next.

Pottymints Sample Packets

Behold, the POTTYMINTS displayed on the seat of my toilet! Please note that correct use of the POTTYMINT involves waiting until after the flush (#theafterflush)!


After flushing, drop one POTTYMINT into the clean water and watch it go!


The POTTYMINT will effervesce and dissolve, leaving the air sweet smelling for, not even kidding, a few days!  POTTYMINTS are sold in assorted sizes, including a small packet perfect for traveling or just keeping in your purse or bag. All packaging embraces a minimal-yet-elegant design aesthetic — like something you would find in the bathroom at a very fancy hotel and want to take home with you! POTTYMINTS come in two very appealing fragrances: Arancia di Capri (Citrus) and La Fleur (Light Floral). These varieties are effective and impart a fresh and enduring scent without becoming cloying, as some sprays or atomizers can be.

Find out more about POTTYMINTS, and get a 10% discount on your first purchase, at This Link!

Potty Mints Product Display

Ten Functional Household Items Shaped Like A Skull & Crossbones

Okay, you’ve officially got a full month to shop for Halloween, but you should probably get started early, because here are ten hot items shaped like the Skull & Crossbones – such a popular  design year-round, really – that everyone will want to own, whether to plan the perfect Halloween Haunt or to just to live your life like everyday is Halloween!

Image Source

Skull & Crossbones Egg Cooker: One Skull over easy, please!

Image Source

Skull & Crossbones Cookie Cutter: Crispy, Oven-baked Skulls, mmm…delicious!

Image Source

Skull & Crossbones Ice Cube Tray: Bone Chilling!

Image Source

Skull & Crossbones Hot Water Bottle Holder: Warm your bones!

Image Source

Skull & Crossbones Air Freshener: Because it smells like death in here!

Image Source

Skull & Crossbones Dinnerware: Dead animal flesh never tasted so good as when you grill it up and serve it on these plates!!

Image Source

Skull & Crossbones Cocktail Picks: Be the life of the party  when your snacks are skewered on these picks!

Image Source

Skull & Crossbones Chandelier: Illuminate the penetrating darkness with real style!

Image Source

Skull & Crossbones Soaps: Dude! They Glow in the Dark!

Image Source

Skull & Crossbones Dog Toy: Give your dog a bone he can really sink his fangs into!

Bacon Thing of The Day: Bacon Air Freshener

Bacon Air Freshener
“Mmm…Smells Like Bacon!”

Yes, this is a real product. From the website Smell of Books comes a variety of modern scents for your home, including: New Book Smell, Classic Musty Smell, Scent of Sensibility and Eau You Have Cats. But my favorite is the Crunchy Bacon scent, the first aroma in Smell of Books’ new Lifestyle Series™. “Designed especially for the health conscious book lover, Crunchy Bacon is a low calorie, low cholesterol alternative for your breakfast reading enjoyment. Suggested Retail Price: $4.99. What a bargain.

Thanks to Allison Kwah for the Tip!