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"And The Streets Are Paved With Gold…": RIP Arthur Lee

the band love photo by gail worley
Love in 1967: Lee is Second from the Right (Photo By Gail)

Yesterday (August 3rd, 2006) I heard of the sad passing of Love front man Arthur Lee, one of the greatest rock visionaries of the ’60s or any other time. In college, I was greatly blessed to discover Love’s third release, Forever Changes, and I can honestly say the music on this phenomenal album brought about a monumental shift in perception for me. I’m listening to the CD right now as a matter of fact, and the timelessness of songs like “The Red Telephone” and “Alone Again Or” (covered by everyone from UFO to The Damned) still blows my mind.

Love Forever Changes
A Must Own Album

Thanks for the music Arthur. Say Hi to Syd for me.