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Sponge Bob Bento Box

Sponge Bob Bento Box
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Sponge Bob and Patrick Lunch created by Heather Sitarzewski. So cute!

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Gene Simmons Bento Box

“Lick It Up” (Image Source)

Fact: No one respects Gene Simmons less than I do. I hate to give an arrogant blowhard like Simmons any kind of publicity, no matter how far removed from the source, but this Gene Simmons Bento Box sort of rates as art, doesn’t it? So it goes on the blog. Susan Yuen of Hawaii’s Bento Box Cookbook made this Gene Simmons box lunch from chicken, rice and seaweed. Appropriately, the tongue is made of baloney.

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Cool Thing of the Day: Katamari Damacy Bento Box

“We Love Katamari”

Take a look at this Katamari Damacy Bento Box created by blogger/artist Anna The Red, which is just insane! Too cool to eat!

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