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East Portland Blog Seeks Writers and Creative Types

Map of East Portland Neighborhoods. Has Nothing to Do With EPB.

East Portland Blog, a venerated regional gazette, seeks volunteer writers and content providers on many topics including local and national news, restaurants, food carts, music, night life, recreation, politics, movies, TV, internet fads, Hip Hop, Kpop, Bollywood, Latin Music, religion, sports and more. East Portland Blog has a storied three year history and a tradition of quality material and high traffic. EPB writers can expect freedom, flexibility, global exposure and excellent web promotion in exchange for writing, content or commentary. Eccentricities, humor and occasional sarcasm are eagerly sought and warmly welcomed. Please navigate around The Site to acquaint yourself with EPB’s successful format. Send samples, completed pieces or pitches to EPB2012@hotmail.com.

Bloggers Get No Love

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Bacon Thing of the Day: Hand Dryer Icon!

push button receive bacon

OK, I wonder who thought of this first. Coincidently, the Skulls and Bacon blog has posted a somewhat more elaborate version of this graphic just today! Great Bacon Lovers think alike!