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Video Clip of The Week: Tweens, “Be Mean”

I wonder if Cincinnati’s Tweens realize how much their awesome song “Be Mean” sounds like 1979-era Buzzcocks as fronted by Lydia Lunch. Does vocalist/guitarist Bridget Battle even know who Lydia Lunch is? Who Cares?! These kids rock!

Tweens embrace a BubbleGum Punk ethic that resists any trace of smarm, which I appreciate. Fleshed out by Peyton Copes on bass and Jerri Queen on drums, the trio’s self-titled debut album, from which “Be Mean” is culled, was produced by Eli Janney, whom I still associate more with being the bassist for Post-Hardcore band Girls Against Boys than for his long-standing reputation as a studio genius, so what does that say about me? I haven’t heard the full record yet, but just based on this one song and that Eli Janney association, I  am going to guess that it is amazing.

Check out Tweens’ bitchen website at This Link and buy the album on April 8th! Enjoy!

Tweens Album Cover

Classic Post-Punk Single of The Day: Pete Shelley’s “Homosapien”

Pete Shelley Homosapien
“And You Know We’re Homosapien, Too”

On This Date in 1981: Pete Shelley released his first post-Buzzcocks single, the very fun dance hit “Homosapien.” The single did not chart in the UK, helped in great part by a BBC ban on the song because of its underlying reference to homosexuality. By the late ’80s, Shelley had re-formed the classic lineup of The Buzzcocks for some touring and, soon after, a new Buzzcocks was created with Pete Shelley and Steve Diggle forming the core. They still record and perform today. I interviewed Pete Shelley a number of years ago and was quite amused when he told me that he’d never been employed outside of music because, “Having a day job is something I just can’t get my head around.”

Thanks to The P5 Blogspot: This Day in 80s Music for the tip!

The Buzzcocks Release Spiral Scratch EP

“Yeah, well, I say what I mean
I say what comes to my mind
Because I never get around to things
I live in a straight – straight line

You know me – I’m acting dumb
you know the scene – very humdrum
boredom – boredom

B’dum b’dum”

On January 29, 1977, Buzzcocks released their first record, the 7-inch Spiral Scratch – a four song EP containing “Breakdown,” “Times Up,” “Boredom” and “Friends Of Mine.” None of the tracks would appear on an album. Lead singer Howard Devoto left the band shortly after its release. Pete Shelley moved to the front and, after a brief time with Garth Davies, brought in Steve Garvey on bass to form the classic lineup which lasted until 1981. The Manchester, England punk band re-formed in 1989. Pete Shelley and Steve Diggle remain from the original lineup. Howard Devoto went on to form Magazine and Luxuria.

Spiral Scratch Blurb courtesy of The P Five Blogspot, an indispensable “On This Date In 80s Music History” Blog!