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I Saw Moon And It Was Really Good

Sam Rockwell Stars in Moon

Hey what’s up? How is your Saturday going? I just got in from a pass through Trader Joe’s (milk chocolate covered peanut butter crackers, mmm) that I made on my way home from seeing the amazing new film, Moon. All I knew about this film going in was that David Bowie’s son, Duncan Jones is the director, and it stars Sam Rockwell (who was so excellent in Choke). If you don’t know much about Moon, I would recommend not reading any reviews, because the element of surprise that you get from the film as its plot unfolds is so worth it. Moon features some familiar themes of advanced future technology and life on an isolated space station that we saw in classic sci-fi films like 2001: A Space Odyssey and Silent Running. But I was really not expecting the twists and turns that Jones throws at you in this truly original story. Rockwell’s portrayal of Sam Bell, an astronaut who wonders if he is going insane as his three-year mission on the space station comes to a close, is top notch and finely nuanced, and Kevin Spacey is fun as the voice of the ship’s computer, Gerty. Clint Mansell (Pop Will Eat Itself), who does the soundtrack music for all of Darren Aronofsky’s films, wrote the score. Moon is a very beautiful, eerie and touching film that I am giving two thumbs up!