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“This Really Blew My Mind”: The Economy According to Ben Stein

Ben Hosting Win Ben Stein’s Money

Almost everyone knows Ben Stein from his immortal role as the High School Economics professor in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (most famous line, “Beuller…Bueller… Bueller?”) or his current stint as dead-pan co-host of VH1’s fantastic reality show, Americas Most Smartest Model (9:00 PM Sundays). But few people know that Ben Stein is actually a sage economist in real life! Here’s Stein’s latest article for the NY Times, The Long and Short of It at Goldman Sachs, which had everyone in my office at a Wall Street-based Global Banking Firm buzzing wildly. I especially love Stein’s clever integration of pop culture/music trivia into his economic diatribe. Enjoy!