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Pink Thing of The Day: RuPaul’s Wig!

rupauls drag race subway ad photo by gail worley
Photo By Gail

One thing that can be said about RuPaul is that (s)he always looks fabulous. While I am not a watcher of Drag Race, I appreciate the spirit of fierce competition and the flawless style aesthetic. Who could not love this amazing Pink Wig that Ru wears in the Subway Ad for the current season of the show? It is positively otherworldly.

Photographed in the multi-line subway station tunnel between 14th and 16th Streets at 6th Avenue.

Rock Of Love Three: It’s On!

Botox Bandi
Bret Michaels: Still Looking for Love

Surely no one who has seen either season of VH1’s Rock Of Love will be too surprised to hear the news that Poison Front Man / Reality Show Whore Bret Michaels and his latest “True Love,” Ambre Lake have broken up. Shocking! My take on Rock Of Love is that it operates along the lines of these various wars (Vietnam, Iraq) our Government gets us into so that Oil Barons and Foreign Banks can augment their wealth: It’s not so much a battle that can be won as it is an effort that needs to be maintained so that people behind the scenes can stuff their pockets with cash. Brett Michaels is a washed-up, borderline retarded, wig-wearing ‘80s Rock Star /Botox Junkie. If he was really looking for a girlfriend he could find one in two seconds. But then VH1 would lose out on all those ratings, and I wouldn’t have anything to watch at 9:00 PM on Sunday nights. And that would just be sad. According to the link above, this upcoming season takes place in Brett’s natural habitat: a gross, skank-ridden tour bus! YAY! Let the rampant tits-flashing and BJ-giving begin!

Top Ten Things I am Doing Instead of Watching the Super Bowl


I know there are many others out there besides me for whom the Super Bowl holds no interest whatsoever. What teams are even playing this year? Who gives a shit? Here’s what I’m doing today!

1. Making a huge vat of my delicious home made chili

2. Cleaning the Chick Tank

3. Vacuuming

4. Editing Interview with Drummer Gene Hoglan

5. Transcribing Interview with Mary J Blige’s drummer, ‘Lil Rex

6. Reading an awesome book, “Love Is a Mix Tape” by Rob Sheffield

7. Napping

8. Watching “Rock of Love” on VH1

9. Blogging

10. Talking on the phone

Scott Baio is 46, Pregnant and The World’s Biggest Douchebag

I am a Douchbag
“I Am A Douchebag”

Last night I spent about 45 minutes of my life that I’ll never get back attempting to endure a new piece of crap reality show on VH1 called Scott Baio is 46 and Pregnant (Sundays at 10:00 PM). I’m not afraid to admit that I’m a big fan of many fine reality shows like Survivor, Project Runway and The Amazing Race, but, Jesus god, this show is the worst thing since Britney and Kevin: Chaotic, which I once watched for maybe 60 seconds before it made me throw up. Suffice it to say that Scott Baio is 46 and Pregnant could be marketed as a very effective emetic.

Here’s the premise: In a previous reality series, Scott Baio is 45 and Single, Scott belabors the point that he has been a total whorebag since his teen years of banging Erin Moran on Happy Days. Although he’s a serial cheater who’s never been able to make a commitment to one woman, he suddenly decides he must be mentally ill for being single at age 45, and he wants to learn how to commit. Yawn City. When Renee, his on-again-off-again doormat-slash-girlfriend of ten years – ten years!! – gets knocked up, he decides to let VH1 film the ensuing agony as he prepares for marriage/ cohabitation/ fatherhood – none of which he appears to want to have anything to do with. You can already tell that this is not going to be much fun for anybody.

I’ve never thought twice about Baio’s career, but, seriously, this show makes him look like the most selfish, juvenile tool on the planet. He puts out the hugest commitment-phobe vibe imaginable as he complains and whines incessantly to his poor fiancé (who must be suffering from serious self-esteem issues to have any interest in a guy who’s as big of a loser as Scott) about NOT wanting to be a father and NOT wanting to get married. He goes on and on about how he doesn’t “know how to do” parenthood and how if she has a girl it would just be a bad scene all around, because he would have no idea how to parent a girl. A Boy? He could “knock them around and stuff” but a Girl? He’s clueless. Obviously.

Here is all the evidence you need that Scott Baio is a Big Fat Douchebag:
When Scott and Renee go house hunting for a huge fucking mansion to move into, the most important selling point for Scott is that the house be large enough so he can run away and hide from Renee and the baby as often as possible, or ensconce himself in a room where he can’t hear Renee and she can’t hear him. Imagine scenes of Scott shuttering himself into a massive, Gothic drawing room and then repeating the phrase, “Renee can you hear me” over and over like a mental patient while we see her off in the kitchen totally oblivious to Scott’s retardedness. Next, we witness Scott’s burst of gleeful giggling when he realizes that, in fact she can’t hear him from where she is in the house. These scenes really must be seen to be believed. What a fucking moron.

Clearly the only justifiable reason to watch Scott Baio is 46 and Pregnant is to garner fodder for fouled mouthed, mean-spirited, snarky blogs like this one! I can hardly wait for the next sequel in the series: Scott Baio is 47 and Divorced! coming some time next year.



“This Really Blew My Mind”: The Economy According to Ben Stein

Ben Hosting Win Ben Stein’s Money

Almost everyone knows Ben Stein from his immortal role as the High School Economics professor in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (most famous line, “Beuller…Bueller… Bueller?”) or his current stint as dead-pan co-host of VH1’s fantastic reality show, Americas Most Smartest Model (9:00 PM Sundays). But few people know that Ben Stein is actually a sage economist in real life! Here’s Stein’s latest article for the NY Times, The Long and Short of It at Goldman Sachs, which had everyone in my office at a Wall Street-based Global Banking Firm buzzing wildly. I especially love Stein’s clever integration of pop culture/music trivia into his economic diatribe. Enjoy!