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Vintage Coca Cola Cooler Furniture

Coca Cola Cooler Furniture
Photo By Gail

The Seattle Antiques Market is a fun place to buy or just browse a huge variety of antiques, vintage goods and mid-century design items that’s located adjacent to the waterfront. I took this photo when I was in Seattle this past summer. I’d never seen furniture made from old Coca Cola coolers but I think you can tell by the look of this chair, that this is a pretty clever idea. Right behind the chair is an equally neat sofa, but it has display boxes of silver spoons resting on it, so you can’t get the full View. Add this to your list of DIY Home Design Ideas!

Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Desk Transformation Project

Finished Pink Desk
Image Source

The coolest thing about this Hot Pink seven-drawer writing desk is that it was refinished from an old-fashioned white desk not unlike one that I had in my bedroom growing up! See the full transformation, with step-by-step directions and cool photos of the post-transformation design set up at This Link!

Finished Pink Desk
The Finished Desk with Matching Chair!

Disco Table: Psychedelic Dining at Its Finest

led dining table

Last Spring, Geoffrey and I had a blast visiting the Guggenheim museum to see their pop art exhibit. In one of the lower level galleries they had installed a multicolored, LED disco floor that we particularly enjoyed, as it quickly induced fun hallucinations and flashbacks just by looking at it. Good times. You can probably imagine then how much joy I experienced when I found this rad L.E.D. Dining Table on Evil Mad Scientist Dot Com.

Here is the story from the site:

“This is our dining table. We built it because we needed a new dining table, and I guess we’re just that kind of people. It has a frosted glass top lit by 448 multicolored LEDs that respond, in a complex and gentle fashion, to input generated by motion above the table while we eat.” How awesome is that? Detailed instructions on how to make your own version of the table can be found HERE. Bon appetite!