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Remembering George Harrison

George Harrison

On This Date, November 29th, in 2001: George Harrison died of brain cancer in a Hollywood Hills mansion that was once leased by Paul McCartney. He was 58 years old. I’ve been thinking of The Beatles and George (my favorite Beatle) so much lately, not only with the recent Beatles on Record special that was on the History Channel a few days ago, and the 39th anniversary of the release of All Things Must Pass, but also having spent a significant amount of time yesterday downloading all of The Beatles’ 16 CD remasters into my iTunes library (thanks Geoffrey). I love The Beatles so much, and it’s endlessly comforting to still have their music all around me even nearly forty years after they broke up. I miss you, George!

How I Stopped Worrying And Learned to Love iTunes

Fad Gadget
“Feel the blaaaade…”

Since 100% of the music I featured on my various radio shows, way back when I was a pretty fucking fabulous DJ, is on vinyl – and I haven’t owned a turntable in 20 years – iTunes has surfaced as a nothing-short-of -miraculous way for me to recreate many of my righteous playlists from the early ‘80s. And that just rules. I can’t believe I was able to even survive for such a ridiculous amount of time without the ability to hear the deliriously soaring keyboard strains of “Airport” by The Motors, The Shoes’ scathing post-break-up diatribe “I Don’t Miss You” or the borderline aural perversion of “Lady Shave” by the late great Fad Gadget at a moment’s notice.