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Must See Movie of The Week: The Hurt Locker

Hurt Locker
Jeremy Renner and Anthony Mackie Star in The Hurt Locker

This past Sunday, Geoffrey and I went to see the “Iraqi bomb squad” movie that everyone is talking about, The Hurt Locker. It’s taken me a couple of days to digest my thoughts, because “intense” is really not strong enough of a word to describe this movie-going experience. And I usually don’t like war movies – the exception being Full Metal Jacket – but I really liked The Hurt Locker, and wanted to blog about it, but was having trouble translating my thoughts into words. This morning I found a really fantastic review of the movie on, of all places, a financial newsletter I read daily at my office job. So I just decided to post that and credit the source, because it’s a really excellent movie and, review-wise, I really couldn’t do any better than this. Review courtesy of Here Is The City. Continue reading Must See Movie of The Week: The Hurt Locker