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Photo of the Day: Geoffrey Meets En Esch!

Geoffrey gave me permission (basically, I said, “This is going on my blog” and he said “OK”) to repost this photo of him posing with En Esch (aka Nick Schandelmaier) of KMFDM. It is the best photo ever.

Lucia Cifarelli, Vocalist, KMFDM

Gail wrote a review of a performance I did with my former band, Drill, long before I met her. Her description of the performance and what I was trying to say at that time were illustrated with incredible perception and poetry. All new artists should be as lucky as I, to have her out there in the audience. I think my favorite quote she wrote was, “She looked like she was having her spinal chord removed without benefit of anesthesia.” Over the years, Gail has been accessible to me in a way few others have been. I feel truly blessed to call her my friend. She is a genius journalist, a rare breed.