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Eye On Design: Norman Bel Geddes, Patriot Radio

norman bel geddes patriot radio photo by gail worley
Photos By Gail

Norman Bel Geddes (18931958) was an influential American industrial designer known for his innovative and futuristic designs in the early to mid-20th century. One of his notable creations was the Patriot radio (1940): a sleek and modern tabletop radio that showcased Geddes’ forward-thinking design sensibilities. It was a departure from the traditional boxy and ornate designs of radios at the time. Instead, Geddes envisioned a streamlined and futuristic appearance for the Patriot, incorporating modern materials and a distinct visual aesthetic.
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Modern Art Monday Presents: Charles Sheeler, Incantation

incantation by charles sheeler photo by gail worley
Photo By Gail

Charles Sheeler (18831965) saw the modern equivalent of the imposing religious architecture of the past in the expansive, streamlined masses of factory buildings and refineries. Incantation (1946), whose very title sounds like a spiritual evocation, is a fragmentary view of a continuous-flow oil production plant. Here, Sheeler reduced the architectural forms to a more two-dimensional design in which shadows play as weighty a role as the metal tanks and pipes. The lack of a human presents suggest the degree to which these vast plants had come to be viewed as nearly autonomous forces.

Photographed in the Brooklyn Museum.

Industrial Photography and Its Future Importance 

gray scale photo of gears
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

In the business world of today, a picture says more than a million words. For a company to get its message across, it needs high-quality images for everything from websites to brochures to TV ads. Industrial photography is a specialized field that helps companies show their industrial processes, machines, and manufacturing techniques to customers and other businesses. The photos need to be shiny and have well-balanced colors and highlights. They also need to show the image in less than a second. Continue reading Industrial Photography and Its Future Importance 

Eye On Design: Dressing Table and Mirror By Norman Bel Geddes

Dressing Table and Mirror Norman Bel Geddes
Photo By Gail

This Vanity (1928) stands as a harbinger in the evolution of an American modern style. Norman Bel Geddes (1893 -1988) conceived of it only a year after founding the first industrial design firm in the United States. His prior experience on theater and film sets lent a dramatic flair to his consumer products, including  this dressing table and mirror, made of enameled and chrome-plated steel, which was part of a larger suite of metal bedroom furniture.
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Surface Tension Bubbles Lamp By Front

Four Bubbles
All Photos By Gail

Swedish design firm Front’s Surface Tension Lamp (2014) was the result of a collaboration with the Dutch design firm Booo. Asked to create a light that used LED technology, the group took a counter-intuitive approach.
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