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Gail’s Top Ten CDs of 2005!

Top Ten

As a special New Year’s treat, here’s a preview of my Top Ten Favorite CDs of the year, to be elaborated on in my upcoming 2005 Year End Rewind! Enjoy!

Crash Kelly Penny Pills

1. Crash Kelly, Penny Pills (Liquor & Poker)

When I got the advance of this album last winter, I predicted that Penny Pills would be my favorite CD of the year 2006 and, no surprise here, I was right. Embracing a full-on 70s sensibility of Alice Cooper’s School’s Out and T Rex at its most glam, Penny Pills is the only drug you need.

Lake Trout
2. Lake Trout, Not Them, You (PALM)

Baltimore’s Lake Trout bring us acid rock for the aughts and are one of the best live bands around. Continue reading Gail’s Top Ten CDs of 2005!

Mike Lowry, Drummer, Lake Trout

mike Lowry lake trout

The great thing about Gail is that from the moment I picked up the phone and our conversation began, I felt completely comfortable. She’s a few rungs above the endless rabble of people that fire off mundane questions like they were trying get a confession out of someone. In fact, the experience was very much in the vein of casual conversation you would engage in after dinner or by a fire or at a bar; just two music lovers having a conversation about music. Because that trust is established, her interviews are always insightful. You come away having learned something and having gained a little more appreciation for what makes us all different musicians.