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Happy Birthday, Nivek Ogre!

Me and Ogre Backstage at a Ministry Concert

Skinny Puppy Vocalist Nivek Ogre (real name Kevin  Ogilvie) Turns 48 today! Happy Birthday, Ogre!

Pandemonium Online Full Archives Now Available!

Back From The Dead and Bigger Than Ever

People do not return from the dead; but sometimes websites do. The long dead and buried Seattle-based rock and pop culture website, Pandemonium Online, aka Pando Mag Dot Com is now back online as a museum of 90s rock that you can waste literally days perusing. This is very exciting news for me an all of the other great writers who contributed passionately and faithfully to Pandemonium for years, only to have their brilliant work expunged from the web once the site went down in the late 90s. Continue reading Pandemonium Online Full Archives Now Available!