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Worleygig.com Turns Sweet Sixteen!

Worleygig Birthday Meme
Worleygig Illo By Dean Haspiel

Hey, Guess What? Today, June 10th, 2019, marks Sixteen sweet years of The Worley Gig existing in the Blogoverse! While thousands of other websites have come and gone in that considerable span of years, The Gig is still surviving and thriving — bringing you the best of Art and Design, plus Food, Pop Culture and Lifestyle posts for what is truly a Blog of Neat Things. Thanks for your continued readership!

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Worleygig.com Celebrates Fifteen Years of Web Dominance!

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Worleygig Avatar By The Fabulous Dean “Dino” Haspiel

Holy Mother of God, can you even believe I’ve been writing Worleygig Dot Com, the world’s Raddest Blog, for fifteen solid years without stopping? It really is unbelievable: and yet, it is true. It was fifteen years ago today that The Worley Gig found its permanent home at this here domain, after first originating in print as a regular column in the East Village-based monthly arts and entertainment publication, The New York Hangover, and later moving on to great success at Pandemonium Online, followed by a few years of breaking new ground at Starpolish. What a long, strange trip it’s been.

All of these outlets are gone now, but The Gig Lives On! Why do I do it? Why do I continue to bring you the best of the New York City Art Scene, Rad Design, Music Video Clips that do not suck, awesome Food Adventures, Pop Culture from around the globe, the occasional Bacon thing, plus a brand new Pink Thing of the Day every single Friday like clockwork? I do it because I love writing this blog, and I love all of you for taking this journey with me!

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Happy 14th Birthday, Worleygig.com!

Worleygig Birthday Meme
Worleygig Avatar Design By Dean Haspiel

Hey Bitches, guess what day it is? That’s right, it June 10th! But also, it’s exactly Fourteen Years since we started this ass-kicking blog, and look where we are today! While much of our blogosphere competition has fallen away due to general apathy and lack of enthusiasm, the Worley Gig continues to rock hard enough to crack a skull: bringing you, our loyal Readers, all of your favorite new music video clips, modern art, rad design, food, humor, exclusive urban adventures and things that are pink – six days a week – wow!

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Happy 13th Birthday, Worleygig.com!

13 Years of Keeping it Real
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Hey and whats up. Today, June 10th, 2016, we are celebrating the joyous occasion that is Worley Gig Dot Com’s 13th Full Year on the Web! Yay! We could not have done without you, dear readers, so have please some cake and a cocktail today, in honor of this once-in-a-lifetime celebration! And please leave The Gig some love in the comments!

Worleygig.Com Goes to Eleven!

Happy 11th Birthday

Well, it’s June 10th again and that means it’s time to chalk up another banner year here at the Worley Gig, where today we are celebrating Eleven (11!) solid years of Web Dominance! Hurray for us! This past year has seen The Gig give pause to its competition with our unequalled coverage of Art, Bacon and Things that are Pink, as well as Food and Restaurant Reviews, consciousness-expanding coverage of Design and Lifestyle topics and our wildly popular new music series, Video Clip of the Week (which just turned one year old)! I can’t believe how much we rule!

Of course, we could not have achieved this level of success without all of our dedicated and enthusiastic readers. Thanks as always for all of your support, your faithful readership, for Tweeting and Posting our links via your social media outlets, and of course for your fun and insightful comments. Cheers to another great year!

Erik Caplan, former Managing Editor of Rockpile Magazine, Praises Worleygig.com on the Ocassion of Our 10th Birthday!

Erik Caplan Bear Suit

I found this awesome testimonial lodged inside another post from six years ago and decided to dig it out and re-post it fresh, so I could correctly categorize it. And also, because it is Hilarious — thanks again Air-Wick!

“I first made Gail’s acquaintance while I was the managing editor of a small-but- growing music magazine in Philly. One of my duties in this position was to seek, manage and coddle our semi-talented, semi-literate and semi-paid staff of writers and contributors. One day, as I plodded and wept through yet another round of edits of the current month’s crop, I got a call from a fast-talking, but highly personable woman from New York who, for some inscrutable reason, was interested in writing for my crappy rag. She sounded confident and experienced, had a great sense of humor, seemed flexible as an interviewer and, most importantly, lived in New York City.

NYC Travel Mural

And, truth be told, the last of these attributes seemed most attractive. See, while having a magazine based in Philadelphia is a boon for rent concerns, it’s a bit removed from the action when it comes to the music industry, and trekking to New York was a pain in the ass for a lot of our local writers (not to mention a great excuse to ask for too much travel/expense loot!) So, to be fair, I figured, “Hell, even if this Worley chick is a lousy writer, she seems responsible and cool… and at least she’ll get face-to-face interviews with people. Even if I have to punch up her work and ask for re-writes, it’ll still be worth it… after all, she’s willing to work for our paltry wages.”

I honestly forget what happened next – either Gail pitched me a story or I gave her some kind of assignment. It doesn’t matter, really, because the end result was that she e-mailed me something that needed no punching-up – hell, it was actually really good and full of solid research, good questions and insight. In short, it was damn good rock journalism… and she sent it to me on time! Amazing.

As time went by, I gave her a column, and I grew to depend on Gail’s hard work, honesty and all-around good nature for the magazine and my sanity. I called her “Gail The Snail,” and she called me “Air-Wick.” It was love. OK, not love… it was… professional courtesy, respect and a form of affection for a compadre. I can’t begin to count the number of times I called Gail (or vice versa) to talk about an assignment, but wound up commiserating about the horrors of being over-worked, seriously underpaid and having wayyy cooler hair than anyone else in the room (which wasn’t difficult in my case or Gail’s, but hey, we were still cooler.)

And, yes, I did eventually meet the lovely Gail one magical night when my old band was on tour. In mid-tour, we played a show at Don Hill’s in SoHo, and Ms. Worley was kind enough to accept my invitation to the gig – guest-listed, of course. One of my long-lost prized possessions was a photo us from that night: me strangling Gail with my hair. Things were good.

Time passed, like the magic trick it is, and things got a bit rough at the magazine. Long story short (“Too late!” I’m sure you’re thinking–shaddap)… I was phased out. My boss hired two interns to do my job and got two younger, hipper dudes to do the job of one old dude for less money. I remember sadly going about the task of letting my favorite contacts know the awful truth about my imminent departure. Now, maybe I am painting Gail with too much of a saintly brush, but I sorta remember her telling me that she’d quit writing for the magazine after I was gone from the masthead. I naturally appreciated her show of solidarity, but I insisted that she retain her post and fight the good fight to keep cool music in that increasingly snobby, by getting quick loans without credit check process for financial stability of indie-rock rag. OK, so maybe she didn’t offer to split – it’s my frickin’ memory, and if I wanna make it all sweet and lovely, I will. Bastards.

Anyway, she stayed on for a while after I left, but I’m pretty sure she never loved those interns-turned-editors as much as she loved me. In fact, I know they did something unspeakable to her. Aw, hell, I’ll speak of it – they changed her words and ruined something she wrote. Uncool. Just for the record, if I ever changed Gail’s words, she never noticed, and that’s because I never would dare to touch the meaty parts of Gail’s writing – the place where her voice lived and rang out. Messing with that would have been like tugging on Superman’s cape. It’s a respect thing, and I had that for Gail in spades. I still do.

At any rate, Gail was one of the few people who would still message me on AIM after I left the magazine, and she was always the same to me – supportive, kind and, well… Gail.

So, for what it’s worth, that’s the ballad of me and Gail. We don’t speak too often anymore, and I know she stays busy. However, I’m pretty sure I could hit her up tomorrow and get the same cheery “Hey Air-Wick!” as always. And that’s worth something to me. Horns up, Gail The Snail!”

– Erik Caplan, former Managing Editor of Rockpile Magazine, musician, writer, over-eater, dreadlocked Jew and keeper of the rock faith.

*For those of you who are Jew-impaired, being a “mensch” means for a person to be a gentleman or a stand-up guy… neither of which, by the way, have been common descriptions of me in recent years.

Happy 10th Birthday, Worleygig.com!

10th Birthday Cake Zebra

Worley Gig Dot Com Celebrates Ten Years of Web Radness Today, June 10th, 2013! While The Gig started out simply as a place to aggregate and archive my laundry list of Rock Star Interviews and other online articles, it has grown through a full decade of web dominance to become one of the most fun and popular Pop Culture websites in the Blogosphere. Just last month we re-launched with a bold new design (we hope you are digging it) and are still in the process of making a few tweaks for your reading enjoyment. Be assured that we will continues to bring you all of the coverage you can possibly stand on Pop Culture, Music, Art, Lifestyle and Pinkness for years to come. While you are reading this, please take a few seconds to Like Us on FaceBook and Thanks for your Readership!