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Pope Peep

Pope Peep
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This Kills Me.

Bacon Thing of the Day: Bacon Peeps

Bacon Peeps
Image Courtesy of Anne Raso

As amazing as it would be to think that a real Bacon Flavored Marshmallow Peep exists, these faux Bacon Peeps were created as part of a Peeps Diorama Contest back in 2010.

Celebrate Easter With Peepshi!

Easter would not be Easter without the curiously appealing Marshmallow Peep. If you have a sushi fetish but would also like to create a super saccharine and probably gross tasting Easter sweet treat for your family, why not check out this recipe and make up a batch of Peepshi: Peep Sushi created from packaged Marshmallow Treats, Peeps and something called Fruit By The Foot (the name alone sounds disgusting). Ah, the simple joys of eating food not found in nature.

You Will Need These Ingredients to Make The Peepshi

Thanks to Neatorama For The Tip!

Bacon Thing of The Day: Bacon Wrapped Peep

Bacon Peep

My hilarious friend Mark just sent me this. Can you even believe this exists? It is a peep, it is pink and it is wrapped in bacon. How could it be more perfect? Mark suggested that I make this image my FaceBook profile picture. I just might have to do that.