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Recommended Reading: Queen Unseen By Peter Hince

Queen Unseen Cover

Earlier this past summer, British music journalist Mark Blake published his book Is This The Real Life?, an engaging biography of the band Queen. Blake’s book is crammed with amazing personal information on the band’s members – Freddie Mercury, John Deacon, Roger Taylor and Brian May – in addition to chronicling their success as a group. Blake had a good deal of assistance in gathering his researched material from a guy named Peter Hince, who was a member of Queen’s road crew for over a decade, in addition to also being the personal roadie to both Freddie Mercury and John Deacon.

In October, Hince published Queen Unseen: My Life with the Greatest Rock Band of the 20th Century, his own memoir of his career working for Queen, and though it is a true “insider report,” it couldn’t be more different from the book Blake put together. In a way, the two books are perfect companion pieces; one being a book where you can read about obscure biographical details such as Freddie Mercury’s childhood in Zanzibar and his attendance at private schools in India, and the other in which you will read in fascinating detail about all of the blood, sweat and tears that went into taking a Queen tour on the road, how the band behaved backstage and what it was “really like” from behind the scenes to truly witness Queen’s rise to phenomenal commercial success.

While Hince’s book lacks a tabloid feel that you might expect from someone who seemingly lived, breathed, ate and slept the world of Queen from A Night At The Opera to the band’s final live concert at Knebworth, it is nevertheless a deeply personal page-turner, being one man’s intimate diary of a lost time in the music industry, spent working for one of the greatest and most renowned bands in Rock history. Certainly, no one else but Peter Hince could’ve written a book like this one.

Queen Live By Peter Hince
Queen Photographed By Peter Hince

Peter Hince – who was affectionately known by the nickname “Ratty” – met the members of Queen when he was still a teenager, working as a roadie for Mott The Hoople, a band that Queen famously toured with prior to breaking commercially with the album Sheer Heart Attack. He switched camps in 1975 and immediately went out on the road with the band, learning from the ground up what it took to put a Queen show together.

Through Ratty’s wide eyes, we get to see the good, the bad and the ugly of touring the world with a rock band back in the days when music was all about the magic and before it became merely a product to be sold. What you get with Queen Unseen then is a kind of Almost Famous-style journey of going out on the road on a global scale back in the 70s and early 80s; a time when things like cell phones, Fed Ex and the Internet did not even exist. From a logistics standpoint alone, the stories revealed here are often hilarious and just as frequently horrifying, as Queen and their entourage dealt with differences in culture, politics, quirky personal demands, local laws and Murphy’s Law, which states that whatever can go wrong will.

Although Queen Unseen is being promoted as a book about Queen, it is really Hince’s own autobiography, which is deeply colored by his experiences living and working with the members of Queen – both as individual people and as a phenomenally successful rock band. There’s certainly no shortage of sex (trust me, Hince got laid as much as any members of the band), drugs and Rock & Roll misadventure in the book, but that all has to do with Peter’s own experiences and those of his fellow road crew rather than any juicy gossip about his employers. Although there are similar stories in rock books such as Hammer Of The Gods and Bob Green’s Billion Dollar Baby (a story of the journalist touring with the band called Alice Cooper), I haven’t really read another rock book that goes into such detail about a group’s stage show and everything that went into making it happen.

In a lot of ways, it’s not so much about what you don’t know about Queen, as it is about what you don’t know that you don’t know about the band. And that’s what makes Queen Unseen so much fun! It’s such a different take on the Rock & Roll story and Hince’s approach is amazingly refreshing. For example, one of my favorite parts of the book comes in one of the final chapters, when Queen are touring South America – a dangerous and potentially very violent territory for a Western rock band to stage a tour at that time. Remembering a few dates played in Caracas, Venezuela Hince offhandedly remarks that this was “the first place I had seen a dead body lying in the street.” Rock & Roll!

 Roger Taylor's Drumkit
Roger Taylor’s Drumkit Photographed By Peter Hince

These days, Peter Hince works as a photographer, a career for which he left the employ of Queen to pursue, but his camera was with him the entire time he worked for the group, and many of his never-before-seen photographs are included in the book.

If you are one of the innumerable Queen completist collectors out there, the photographs alone are reason to purchase this book, but even if there were no pictures it would be a must-own read. Ultimately, what stands out about Queen Unseen is Hince’s complete lack of any exploitative intention with regard to the members of Queen and any off-the-record details of their personal lives.

While he certainly witnessed every aspect of their Rock & Roll debauchery first-hand, his intention is to relate his own experience, rather than to reveal the titillating, off-camera circumstances, embarrassing or otherwise, of those he worked for. There really is virtually no real “dirt” on the members of Queen to be found in its pages. For example, while Ratty openly states early on that Freddie Mercury’s sexuality was never any secret to anyone, he never reveals the names of Mercury’s lovers (save for Mary Austin, who was Mercury’s girlfriend for years) nor does he reveal anything that could be seen as personally harmful, despite the fact that he surely observed these guys in some of their most vulnerable moments.

While there were times I wished that Hince would reveal something more personal with regard to whichever band member he’s speaking about at any given time, the fact that he respects their privacy 25 years after ending his employment with the group reveals a certain state of grace that ultimately serves to give his story even more credibility. In fact, Hince is so careful to respect and guard the privacy of Mercury, May, Taylor and Deacon that he doesn’t even reveal the names of their wives or children.

Despite his refusal to dish the dirt, his book is full of love and honesty that reveals an essence about the unarguably enigmatic Freddie Mercury – who Hince clearly deeply admired and cared about as a personal friend as well as a famous rock star – that made me feel like I learned something new about Freddie to take away with me that I hadn’t gotten from another Queen book.

For not making me cry until I got to the last page, The Worley Gig Gives Queen Unseen Five out of Five Stars!

Queen Unseen: My Life with the Greatest Rock Band of the 20th Century can be purchased from Amazon Dot Com or wherever fine books are sold.


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Queen Unseen Cover Art Sneak Peek

Peter Hince just sent me the cover art for his upcoming Queen memoir, Queen Unseen, which tells his no doubt highly engaging story of the many years he spent working with the band. The book is due to be published in October of this year. Excited!

Former Queen Roadie Peter “Ratty” Hince to Publish Insider Memoir!

Cover Art

These days, Peter Hince is a well-respected photographer living in London. But back in the seventies and eighties, when Rock & Roll was still a dangerous and magical thing, Peter was better known by the nickname “Ratty,” and he worked for the rock band Queen; primarily as roadie to Freddie Mercury and Queen Bassist John Deacon. Eventually, he became the head of the entire Queen road crew. Peter also did a lot of the band’s promotional photography while in their employ, some of which you can see at This Link. I’ve previously written about Peter back when I first discovered his website a couple of years ago. Last night I got a nice email from him letting me know that his book on the band, Queen Unseen, will be published this October. To get this kind of insider perspective on Queen is extremely exciting for anyone who, like me in my teens, ever considered Queen to be not just a favorite band, but almost like a religion or way of life. The formerly obsessed know who they are.

Flyer from 2010 Art Exhibit: Queen, the Unseen Archive

Peter offers that the book, “is not an easy-option tabloid exposé or simply rehashed information from the public domain. It is a unique book that is my story of the many years and special times I spent [with the band] on tour, in the recording studio, on video shoots etc. It is day-to-day life with one of the worlds’ biggest and best-ever rock bands. It is not a chronological or definitive biography of the band, [but] simply a personal account of what it was like spending your youth traveling the world and living the rock and roll lifestyle to the full. The book is an insightful, enlightening and mostly humorous account for anybody who has ever wondered what working for Queen really entailed. Queen Unseen is a collection of stories, anecdotes, observations, memories and details of first hand life as the longest serving roadie and head of their crew. The story is supplemented by rare and unseen photos and other items of interest. I hope you will join me on my journey and share all the many highs and some lows of having Access All Areas to Queen.”

Holy Shit, it sounds amazing!

Peter has promised to have his publisher send me an advance copy for review, so I will keep you updated on when it is available for pre-order and in stores. Again, congratulations, Peter! I know a lot of hardcore Queen fans will be buying your book!

Preorder Info Added June 16: To order a signed copy of Queen Unseen for £ 17.99, (UK Shipping No Charge, Overseas Shipping Add  £3.00) or about $34 total with today’s exchange rate, please contact John Blake Publishing Ltd with your name, address and contact number / email at words@blake.co.uk. Note: Signed advance-ordered copies will be available on publication, October 2011 and not released before.

Rad Website of the Week: Ratty’s Queen Memories


It is no secret that I spent a few of my teenage years being completely, over-the-top obsessed with the rock band Queen. I was lucky enough to see Queen about five times on the Night at the Opera, Day at the Races, News of the World and Jazz tours. My love of all things Queen was so all-consuming, I even knew the names of and biographical details about their roadies, one of whom was nicknamed “Ratty.” So it only took me about three seconds to flash back to the good old late ‘70s when, quite by chance, I came across the website Ratty’s Queen Memories. Here’s an excerpt from the site’s home page by Peter ‘Ratty’ Hince himself:

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