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Face Off Episode 411 Recap, Season Finale: Living The Dream !

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 Le Reve The Dream

Tonight’s Episode (Airdate March 26th, 2013): Living the Dream

On the season four finale of Syfy’s Face Off, the final three – Anthony, Wayne and Kris – head to Vegas for a showdown at The Wynn that’s all about Living the Dream!

Tonight, the Final Three battle for the win at The Wynne in Las Vegas, where one victor will take it all. At the top of the episode, we are treated to a recap of all the great work that Anthony, Wayne and Kris have completed all season. It sure looks like these guys are the three that were meant to go to the end. This morning, it is time for the contestants to catch up with their loved ones after being out of touch for over two months. In the kitchen of a very quiet house in the Hills of LA, Wayne Skypes with his wife. Anthony has a tearful chat with with his folks, while Kris has his wife and two kids to catch up with. There are some emotional tears, but each guy says this is just a reminder of why they are doing this in the first place.

Final Spotlight Challenge

In the lab, McKenzie meets the artists accompanied by James Santos, Artistic Director of Le Reve The Dream, a show that takes place in the Theater at the Wynne Resort in Las Vegas. This over-the-top aquatic, aerial and acrobatic theatrical production includes over ninety artists and Olympic athletes in the cast. For their final Spotlight Challenge, the three will create two fantasy make-up looks for performers in Le Reve The Dream. One character must be a Dream Thief; a character that “collects dreams in the water” and is described as an “adrenaline junky who cannot get enough danger in [his] world.” A Dream Thief, MacKenzie explains, comes to life in the depths of the subconscious. So, if one character must be a Dream Thief, then the other is a victim who has something the thief wants to steal. Easy enough.

Each finalist must pick a ‘dream theme such’ as gothic, cosmic, whimsical, ethereal or supernatural, to help guide his looks. Anthony picks Sinister, from which he can come up with something mischievous and evil, but also whimsical, which gives him a broad spectrum of expressions to add character to his creature’s face. Wayne says going with Supernatural feels cool to him, because it’s wide open for interpretation. Kris picks Ethereal for its celestial properties that will fit into the Le Reve The Dream show. A huge element that they will have to consider as they work is the water factor, as the set includes a one million gallon tank! The make-ups, therefore, will need to be 100% waterproof. Anthony admits he’s never done waterproof make up before.
Of course, they are each going to need some help with this project, so here come half a dozen of the recently eliminated contestants including Eric Fox, House, Autumn, Meagan, Eric Z and Alam to help them get the job done. Each contestant can choose two people for his team. Wayne immediately chooses Eric F before anyone can nab him, and his second choice is Meagan. Kris picks House and Alam. Anthony gets Eric Z and Autumn.

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Face Off Episode 410 Recap: Alien Apocalypse!

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face off episode 410
Defiance Producer / Co-Creator Kevin Murphy with McKenzie Westmore

Tonight’s Episode (Airdate March 19, 2013): Alien Apocalypse

Ah, we’re down to the Final Four at last, and what a handsome lot they are: Anthony, Eric, Kris and Wayne. Anthony really thought he was going home last week, but House threw himself on his sword so that Anthony could live to sketch, sculpt, mold and paint another day. The remaining contestants all know one more person goes home before the finale. Who will get chopped tonight?

Spotlight Challenge

The guys meet the lovely McKenzie – and she really is looking super hot tonight, I must say – in the lab, where four monitors are set up to display scenes from an upcoming, new original SyFy series called Defiance. It’s a show about Aliens! More specifically, Defiance takes place 35 years in the future, in a post-war America where humans and half a dozen alien species are forced to coexist on Earth. Because all of the other planets were full. Of course, multiple races of aliens interacting with humans create a crazy new genetic melting pot. In tonight’s penultimate Spotlight Challenge, the artists will draw their inspiration by focusing on breeding two of the Alien races to create their offspring. Here are their choices:


There are two selections of each type alien available to choose.

Anthony picks Liberata and the Mutant.

Kris picks Bioman for his buffness and the Mutant for his deformed body.

Wayne picks Liberata and Bioman.

Eric, who really wanted to choose the Mutant —  and definitely wanted to “avoid any fuzzy things” — is forced to select the hairy Sensoth and the Steam Punk-esque 99er. He’s not happy.

To help them get inspired and provide them with some back-story on the series, the guys are being sent to the actual town of Defiance in Toronto, where they can tour the set, and spend some time among the actual aliens. However, due to mysterious “Family Reasons,” about which we are given no details, Eric cannot travel with them and must stay behind. WTF? It is unclear whether Eric will be separated from them for the entire episode or if this offsite is just a brief field trip. It turns out to be the latter, thank goodness.

Being on the set is really cool for the guys. They first meet actress Stephanie Leonida who briefs them on some of the characteristics of the breed of alien she plays. They get to meet Alan Cook, the make up artist for the show and he demonstrates for them the specifics of how he applies certain prosthetics. This has to be good insight for how they will approach their challenge. They also get to watch Stephanie and another actor film a scene. This show looks like it will be pretty cool and reminds me a bit of Alien Nation, if you’re old enough to remember that.

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Face Off Episode 409 Recap: Mummy Mayhem!

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Syfy Face Off 409 Mummy Mayhem

Tonight’s Episode (Airdate March 12, 2013): Mummy Mayhem

After what has been eight weeks of separating the wheat from the chaff, is anyone really surprised to see Anthony, Kris, Wayne and Eric Fox in the top five? I’m not. House, who’s had a few good ideas but basically avoided winning a challenge or being eliminated by treading the middle ground, could sneak into the Top Four if these other guys with Top Looks and Wins under their belts slack off at all. It’s anyone’s game to lose at this point.

Spotlight Challenge

McKenzie meets the guys at Hollywood’s Egyptian Theater, where six stone tablets, each embossed with a different Egyptian figure, are displayed on pedestals. And hey, guess what? There’s a new installment about to be released in the popular Evil Dead film franchise – one of the most successful franchises in Hollywood history! This one spins off from a variation of the Cabin in the Woods theme, where unsuspecting friends inadvertently summon demons from beyond the grave when they start fooling around with the Book of the Dead; an ancient Egyptian Spell Book filled with images of the gods they worshipped. For tonight’s Spotlight Challenge – and it’s a doozy – the artists must choose one of the Gods on the stone tablets in front of them and bring that God to life. The catch (because of course there is one) is that they need to also make their Egyptian God a Mummy that is rising from the tomb after thousands of years of decay.

In a brilliant statement of the obvious, Wayne surmises, “it’s a lot to incorporate.”

Each guy is called up to choose his God, as follows:

Kris chooses Kunum
Anthony picks Anubis
Eric gets Ra (The Sun God!)
Wayne goes for Sobek
House gets Thoth

On a large monitor next to MacKenzie, the handsome face of veteran B-Horror film actor, Bruce Campbell, who is one of the stars of the Evil Dead movies, appears to give the guys some advice before they head off to work on their sketches. He notes that the new movie has a ‘more serious tone’ than the original, so they need to make sure their make ups are very haunting, creepy and scary. Have fun and be original! Bruce Campbell! Woo!

Everyone gets thirty minutes to sketch while being inspired by the drawings and architecture in Egyptian Theater courtyard. There is a small informative paragraph about each God inside of the sketchbooks they’ve chosen. Kunum, chosen by Kris, is a God of Water and Creation and he has a Ram’s head. Anthony’s Anubis is the God of Embalmers and “death and everything.” Wayne’s Sobek is the God of the Crocodiles. Eric explains that Ra is the Sun God, and he plans to make him “very stylized.” Eric enthusiastically confesses to also being a long time fan of the Evil Dead – since childhood! – so he’s “got this.” Thoth is the Egyptian Moon God who is also known as “the Scribe.” House will make his body a kind of tablet that has etchings all over it. He knows he has to redeem himself from last week.

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Face Off Episode 408 Recap: It’s Better in the Dark !

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Syfy Face Off Episode 408 Models

Tonight’s Episode (Airdate March 5th, 2013: It’s Better In the Dark

Seven Artists remain to compete in this week’s ‘Illuminating’ Double Elimination challenge. Eric Z calls last week’s Werewolf Alien challenge “the most stressful one of his life.” He is relieved that his partner, Autumn, got eliminated and not him. “If I can survive two team challenges with Autumn,” he declares, I can survive anything!” We’ll see about that…

Spotlight Challenge

On what looks to be a day of glorious beach weather, McKenzie meets the group at Leo Carrillo State Park, where many movies have been filmed. She starts talking about undiscovered species, which has to be a hint at what their challenge will be about, right? Yes! This week’s Spotlight Challenge calls for the artists to create a new species that might live in any of Earth’s Eco systems; sea, mountains, dessert, what have you. But wait, there’s more. They must also incorporate an element of bioluminescence! The final creation must contain two distinct characteristics, one that looks good under normal light and a second that becomes visible only under ultra violet light.

She leaves them to sketch on the beach, where the gorgeous ocean waves and hidden sea caves can inspire them. House immediately gets the idea for a prehistoric fish woman. She’ll be sexy and the bioluminescence will let her take on a whole different level of beauty. Kris creates a story about a fish-person character that has been observing human life from afar and now the time has come to make contact. Anthony sketches an underwater warrior creature. The bioluminescent factor will be hidden, but will also flow along with the striping on its chest. Wayne also goes with an aquatic theme, sketching a crab-humanoid hybrid. He’s not sure yet where the luminescence will come in, but his sketch is very cool.

Everyone is excited to head back to the lab, where McKenzie has promised them a ‘surprise’ is waiting. They should know that on this show, a surprise is never a good thing. In the lab, they walk into a lovely and lush jungle scene, in front of which where is a large button on top of a pedestal. Of course, someone gets the urge to press that button, and when Eric Z does the honors, the jungle glows under a UV light revealing a message that this wil be a Double Elimination Challenge! Oh no! Nice Surprise, McKenzie!

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Face Off Episode 407, Howl at The Moon Recap Online Now!

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Face Off Episode 407 Zombies

Tonight’s Episode (Airdate February 26th, 2013) : Howl at the Moon

Tonight on Face Off, the eight remaining artists will be faced with two monstrous challenges! Coming off of last week’s elimination, everyone is sad that Alam – who was so normal and easy to get along with – had to be the one to go. Anthony and Meagan voice concerns about their status in the bottom last week, as they know they are now under close scrutiny. In other news, Eric F is rocking a lovely new spiky Mohawk hairstyle! Punk Rock!

Foundation Challenge

As the contestants approach a country house with an attached barn, McKenzie announces she has brought them out here for tonight’s Foundation Challenge, which will be to create one of the most popular creatures ever: a Zombie. Producer Gale Anne Hurd (The Walking Dead) is the guest judge for the zombie challenge; which, appropriate. Her advice for the group is to think of how your particular zombie died, inspiring ideas to create a convincing make up. Appropriately, the models are locked up in the barn, from which they burst forth just like in that iconic scene on Hershel’s farm from The Walking Dead, season two. Everyone loves this feeling of being in the middle of the zombie apocalypse!

But there are so any zombies…too many to have just one model for each contestant, so working in teams of two they will create a horde of flesh eating zombies, applying make up to as many actors as possible. Zombie Horde!

Teams are:

Eric F and Wayne
House and Eric Z
Kris and Autumn (Kris is so not happy about this)
Anthony and Meagan

Teams will work in the farm house using the bare essentials only, and only one team member will get immunity. They have two and one half hours to work.

Anthony’s strategy for him and Meagan is to get as many faces built up as possible so that in the last hour they can just add the paint. Meagan says they have worked it out to “eight minutes per zombie.” Anthony says his objective is that they just need to look “gross and bloody.”

House admits to having done “hundreds and hundreds” of zombie make-ups, so he is ‘in the zone’ with this challenge.

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Face Off Episode 406 Recap: Bugging Out!

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Syfy Face Off Bugging Out 406

Tonight’s Episode (Airdate February 19th, 2013): Bugging Out

This week, the contestants struggle with lab mishaps and time-management issues to create a metamorphosis that makes everyone get a little Bug-gy.

Foundation Challenge

McKenzie introduces a Special Guest Judge for tonight’s Foundation Challenge, Lija Stewart, who works for Make Up Forever. In tonight’s Challenge, the artists must recreate an iconic female storybook character. The winner will receive immunity plus a special prize. Dany Sanz, Creator and Artistic Director of Make Up Forever appears on a monitor and announces that the winner will also receive a make-up case filled with all of her favorite products – a prize worth thousands of dollars! This news gets everyone excited, because make up is expensive!

Each model comes out holding a different fairy tale from which the character will be pulled. Wayne chooses Little Miss Muffet. Eric Z gets Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Eric F gets Little Red Riding Hood. Autumn chooses Snow White. Anthony takes Cinderella. Kris selects Gretel from Hansel and Gretel. Alam gets Sleeping Beauty. House gets Rapunzel and Megan gets Little Bo Peep. But…there is catch: the contestants must take the classic good girls and turn them into bad girls. Lija advises them to find something in the story to drive the transformation.

They have two hours to complete the challenge. Eric is looking through the generic prosthetics pile from which to ‘Frankenstein’ his character together. Eric Z looks forward to making Belle into a bad ass. House takes long white eyelashes to use as the base of his Rapunzel make up, and will make her face a ghostly white. Kris is using straight Beauty make up to make his Gretel a beautiful bad ass. Anthony decides that Cinderella has had her skin burned off from too much work in the cinders. He is using silicone to build up third-degree burns on her skin’s surface.

Alam is going to age her Sleeping Beauty to give the full on ‘Sleeping for 100 Years’ look. Meagan confesses that she does not know much about Bo Peep’s backstory so her vision will be to make her evil and mysterious. Wayne will turn Miss Muffet into a Spider with fangs. Autumn’s Snow White has a heart of ice so she now searches the land to devour the warm heart of a Prince. Time’s up!

Lija thinks the aging Snow White could have had her aging prosthetics blended better. Eric’s Red Riding Hood has been attacked by the big bad wolf and is mid-transformation into becoming a werewolf. Lija likes it. Lija calls Wayne’s Miss Muffet “Beautifully Evil” but maybe she could have had more make-up on.

Fave looks are Eric F’s Red Riding Hood for the makeshift prosthetics and the overall character he created. She also likes Wayne’s character’s fangs. The winner is Eric F, who is ecstatic not only to win immunity but also to get his hands on that priceless make-up kit. He is happy that for the next Spotlight Challenge he can get as crazy as he wants and have no fear.

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Face Off Episode 405 Recap: Two Heads Are Better Than One !

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FACE OFF Episode 405

Tonight’s Episode (Airdate February 12th, 2013): Two Heads Are Better Than One

I think anyone who’s followed this season of Syfy’s Face Off since episode one would agree that nearly all the contestants achieved their best mix of skill and creativity with the Goblin King challenge, with most failing to reach that same skill level each week since. This week’s challenge may be one the one that provides them with a much needed creative kick in the ass.

Spotlight Challenge

At Magic Mountain theme park in Los Angeles, the contestants get to have some fun before hooking up with McKenzie. Why are they there? It has something to do with the giant redwood tree behind her, meaning this week’s theme is all about Giants (of course!). Producer / Director Bryan Singer (The Usual Suspects, X-Men, and the upcoming Jack the Giant Slayer) is introduced as this episode’s Guest Judge. His presence also relates to this week’s Spotlight Challenge being a tie-in for the new Jack the Giant Slayer film– of course! For this challenge, the catch is that the Giants must have at least two heads! Bryan offers some advice that creating a compelling character comes from infusing the actor’s personality into the character.

This is another team challenge with randomly selected teams being:

Alam and Eric Z
Kris and Eric F
Meagan and Jenna
Wayne and House
Autumn and Anthony

McKenzie advises the artists that when Bryan joins the judges on the Reveal stage, he will be looking for something original; something never seen before, but also something that brings out the personality in the models they choose and that makes the character come to life.

In the Design Phase, they have a few hours to sketch inside the theme park. Eric F and Kris decide to incorporate Jack into their Giant character. House and Wayne are going to do three heads, because two heads are easy! Also, their Giant’s feet will be like tree roots, since he lives out in the woods. Meagan and Jenna try to keep things minimal. They sketch their design with a head stacked on top of a head, rather than the heads being side by side. Anthony and Autumn conceive a contorted giant with heads growing out of the twisted body as a kind of genetic mutation – ambitious!

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Face Off Episode 404 Recap: Eye Candy!

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Face Off Eye Candy

Tonight’s Episode (Airdate February 5th, 2013): Eye Candy

The artists must create a Candy-themed Creature Incorporating candy located throughout the lab. Will this be the week that another contestant breaks Anthony’s winning streak?

Foundation Challenge

At the Federal Bar, a 1920’s bar and former site of the first annual Beard and Mustache competition (Yes: it is a thing), McKenzie introduces the contestants to John Meyatt the President of the National Beard and Mustache Club and the National Beard Champion! John tells them that their Foundation Challenge is to hand-lay outrageous facial hair. But, the models are all women; and they must transform their models into bearded circus ladies! The winner receives immunity from elimination in the Spotlight Challenge. John offers some inside advice by telling the contestants that these beard and mustache competitions are a ‘cross between a male beauty pageant and a dog show.’ Fun!

Contestants are provided with all kinds of hair and racks of circus wardrobe / costumes. This should be a kick! The artists have two hours to complete their looks. Jenna finds a beautiful saloon dress and starts making her model into a leprechaun burlesque dancer. Eric Z says laying hair is all about the application, so he wants it to look very natural, while Eric F says he has no experience with laying hair so he is just going to put some glue on her face and start sticking hair into it. Alex wants to dye her lady’s beard pink. Wayne somehow keeps injuring his hand. Eric Z is concerned that his approach may be too conservative since everyone else is being so outrageous. Time’s up!

John likes the pink in Alex’s facial hair but thinks it could be cleaned-up and more symmetrical. John and McKenzie love Jenna’s burlesque leprechaun. Eric Z gets props for his realistic look and John says his lady looks very masculine and that the hair is laid very realistically. House’s mustache should have been a bit thicker under the nose. Overall Eric F gets called out for the color and blending of the hair. Alex also gets props for her color blending and curls on the beard and mustache. And the winner is Eric Z, who is now immune from elimination!

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Face Off Episode 403 Recap: When Hell Freezes Over!

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Cast and Mac in Desert 403

Tonight’s Episode (Airdate January 29th, 2013): When Hell Freezes Over

As we open, everyone is at the house talking about how much they just want to beat Anthony, who has won all previous challenges. Will tonight be their night?

Spotlight Challenge

Contestants arrive in the desert surrounded by a group of sign-bearing pitchforks planted in the earth. McKenzie says “Welcome to Hell” as she introduces their next challenge: each pitchfork bears the name of a demon from a different world culture. Working in teams of two, they will bring one of these demons to life. Hell, Yeah!

The teams and their chosen demons are:

Kris and Eric Z – Abraxas
Alam and Anthony – Deumas
House and Meagan – Azi Dahaka (a half man / half snake, bound with chains)
Alex and Autumn (much to Alex’s chagrin) – Pzuzu
Katie and Jenna – Known heretofore as Team Redhead – Eurynome
Eric F. and Wayne- Chort

McKenzie leaves them out in the desert to sketch for thirty minutes in the scorching heat. Alex and Autumn chose a gargoyle theme for Pazuzu and think they nailed it. House and Megan have Azi Dahaka, which means ‘fiendish snake.’ He will have a snake arm. Eric and Wayne’s Chort has a pig face, and they are expecting to get into ‘top looks’ already. Alam and Anthony want to make their demon, Deumas, beautiful to take her away from the grotesque nature that everyone else will surely embrace.

Back in the lab, Eric F looks for electronics to incorporate into his demon. He and Wayne want to give it animatronic, blinking eyes with an elongated head covering the eye mechanism. Team Redhead’s Eurynome is Grecian Demon which will be covered in sores. They start their facial sculpt with small horns and gnarly, wolf- like teeth. Katie wants to do a “walker,” a creature with very long arms. Jenna hopes they can pull it off.

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Face Off Episode 402 Recap: Heroic Proportions!

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mckenzie and guest judges 402

Tonight’s Episode (Airdate January 22nd, 2013): Heroic Proportions

Note: Starting now and in all future recaps (until he is eliminated), contestant Michael will be referred to as Wolverine.

Spotlight Challenge

The contestants are having breakfast when a note arrives from McKenzie asking them to join her at San Diego Comic Con – a nerd’s dream come true! The group is understandably excited. Tonight we skip the Foundation Challenge and go directly into the group’s first individual Spotlight Challenge: to create an original Super Hero! To help them get inspired are DC Comic artist legends Dan Didio and Jim Lee. Jim says that Super Heroes reflect the era that they come from and suggests that the artists consider the importance of their color palette, which are generally primary colors. Dan says to take into consideration how the hero’s powers relate to how they look. A group of DC artists will consult with the contestants while they brainstorm and sketch. The winning look will appear in an upcoming DC comic book!

Eric Z is so excited to be able to work with Jim Lee – his hero – on his design. He bases his hero sketch on his dad, a working class guy in a chemical factory. Autumn mentions that her young daughter loves Super Heroes, so she will use her as an inspiration. Her Super Hero is a flashback to the 1970s and has pink skin. House is doing a Robot Girl; a “kick ass cyborg.” His sketch looks like the robot from the silent film ‘Metropolis’ dressed like Tank Girl. Anthony talks about a lava character that will incorporate shiny volcanic rock. Hey, didn’t that idea get someone kicked off last week?

Eric F is inspired by a ‘40s Dick Tracy look. His character will be a type of cop. Wolverine is designing an anti-hero, Elijah, Bringer of Plagues. He wears a mask that he says resembles an “old plague doctor” with a long nose meant to hold incense to cover up the smell of death! Talk about a complete back-story! Meagan designs Freedom Fighter, who protects NYC. His costume incorporates aspects of the Twin Towers. I’m thinking this idea could go either way. Katie also has a punk rock aesthetic for her hero that shoots electricity out of its fingers. Kris is working on a Time Traveler character.

Meagan is overwhelmed immediately and calls her unintentional “cat robot” the worst sculpt in the room. Wayne points out that most Super Heroes have a thin nose, as reflected in his facial sculpt! His guy is in a muscle suit type of costume. Alam’s creation is covered with shards of glass from exploding buildings, or something like that. Alex is doing an ambitious aquatic female character that could look amazing if executed correctly. And…Meagan is still hopelessly lost as everyone progresses around her.

Jenna’s creation is called Silversight. She’s like Wonder Woman with wings! Jenna is all about the strong, beautiful woman, for sure. We get a “how to” on the way a facial sculpt is made into the finished head piece with the clay, mold, silicone, etc. Educational! At the end of day one, Wolverine is worried that he might have two bottom looks in a row and Katie voices concern that her creation is too simple compared to what everyone else is doing.

On day two of the Super Hero challenge it’s time for Eric Z to work on things like armor and props. Eric F wants to expose the human anatomy of his character using clear domes as well as showing the lungs actually functioning. Jenna needs to get her wings done and she needs feathers as well. Alam’s glass shard costume looks insane! She says that she is worried that she doesn’t know the materials well, but the costume looks just amazing. Wolverine feels that he is wasting time because his mask, which is such an important part of the look, is not coming out the way he wants. He switches to a spandex cowl, which he will sculpt a nose onto. Anthony fears he may have gone “too big” (ambition wise) with the chest piece sculpts needed for his hero’s body armor. He is way behind at the end of day two. House, whose Robot Girl is based on Japanese anime, aspires to receive Top Looks for all of his characters! This challenge is so ambitious that we don’t even have any down time back at the house or any unrelated personal drama. The contestants are all business.

Day three is for applications and the models arrive so the Super Hero looks can start coming together. I love Alam’s costume so much but she is having trouble getting the glass shard back piece to stay on because it is so heavy. Anthony smashes one of his fingers trying to open his mold, which just will not open, so his chest piece will not make it onto his final look. Time to go to Plan B, which means…what? We’re in the final hours of last looks, which is Alam’s last chance to get her back piece on and Anthony to improvise for his discarded chest piece.

The Reveal:

Glenn, Ve and Neville meet up with the contestants at judges table with no guest judges tonight.

Michael full creature 402

Wolverine’s Bringer of the Plagues looks surprisingly cheap to me, like a Monk wearing a glitter Mardi Gras mask, but he’s very proud of his look.

kris full creature 402

Kris’s character is called Orion X. His face looks cool, like a chiseled ice creature, but he’s a bit worried that he did not spend enough time on the costume, and it shows.

kris creature 402

wayne full creature 402

Wayne’s Solarian looks like Mr. Freeze with dreadlocks and a blue paint job on the body, which he admits is unfinished. It’s obvious that this head does not go with the body he created, at all.

anthony full creature 402

Anthony’s The Infernal Core looks, so far, the most like what a Comic Book Super Hero should look like. The facial detail, with a split paint job, looks very creative. He regrets not having the chest piece but his look is still one of the best so far.

meagan full creature 402

Meagan feels that her Freedom Fighter will be in the bottom looks and I do not disagree. It’s horrible.

house full creature 402

House’s Robot Girl is much more of a horror look than anticipated. The paint job is very gory and she looks like one of the cenobites from Hellraiser. Not what I was expecting from the sketch, but well-done.

autumn full creature 402

How did Autumn get on this show? Her Mercury Ray looks really cheap, with her flat, monochromatic red body paint, and insectoid eyes, but Autumn expresses that she’s got what it takes to be a Super Hero because, “Her panties are on the outside and she’s got a cape.” OK! The costume looks like she bought it at Walmart. Despite how shoddy the workmanship looks, it does have an undeniable comic-book-feel.

autumn creature 402

alam full creature 402

Alam’s Dark Shard is impressive. It’s simple but the details are so finely executed that the concept is fully realized. Too bad about that back piece.

alam creature 402

alex full creature 402

Alex’s H2 Ophelia looks like an albino creature left over from Battlefield Earth. No me gusta.

jenna full creature 402

Jenna’s Silversight makes a vibrant first impression even though the wings were obviously where Jenna spent 90 percent of her time.

jenna creature 402

katie full creature 402

Katie’s Revolt has a fun mask and wig, but she may be right that it is too simple. She doubts Glenn will dig it.

eric z full creature 402

Eric Z’s Contagion has one big arm like Hell Boy, with a comic book vibe overall.

eric f full creature 402

Eric F’s Dick Gritty also had a good design for a DC Comics’ Super Hero. His sculpt has some truly “gritty” features including exposed organs and facial muscles.

eric f creature 402

Unfortunately the judges make Dark Shard turn around during Closer Looks and you can see that not only is the back piece – which was the most impressive part of the costume – totally missing, but the model’s back is completely exposed and just has some paint splashed on it. Oh, Alam. That’s not going to be good for anyone.

Judgment Time

House, Eric F, Meagan, Anthony and Wolverine are the best and the worst this week and the others are safe and may return to the make-up room to breathe huge sighs of relief.

house creature 402

Up for cross-examination by the judges, House explains that Robot Girl is a pro fighter from the future out for revenge. Glenn calls the design extremely unconventional and says that his risks paid off. Ve likes it despite the gore and Neville concurs that it reads a bit more horror than Super Hero. Glenn says it speaks to him.

The arm pieces worn by Meagan’s Freedom Fighter are bad news. Ve says that his arms look like “TV controls with gaffers tape wrapped around them,” which, yes. She thinks the face sculpt is “rough.” Glenn likes the neck piece but says ultimately the character does not work; she missed too many opportunities to do cool things.

Eric F explains that his detective Dick Gritty is a reanimated corpse out for revenge. Neville calls it an entertaining piece. Ve gets the 1940s vibe. Glen says that the look compels the viewer to ask what happened to this guy to make him that way, which is exactly what you want.

michael creature 402
Wolverine Explains His Crappy Make-Up to the Judges

Wolverine gives his Bringer of Plagues’ back-story. Glenn gets that the mask is based on a traditional plague doctor but says this version of the mask was unsuccessful. Ve wonders what he did with his time and says that this week was a huge waste of time for him.

anthony creature 402

Anthony’s The Infernal Core is from the Earth’s core and Ve puts it out there that there have been other characters presented with the cracked earth lava look, but his is the first one that has been successful. Despite not being able to get his chest and back pieces out of the molds, he transcended those obstacles and came up with a strong silhouette, says Neville. Glenn loves the piece’s mix of a great sculpt and great paint job. Well done!

Katie calls her Revolt character a “vigilante homemade hero punk rock superman” (doctor lawyer Indian chief). Neville doesn’t think she is as well-versed at anatomy as she needs to be. He says the character neither looks heroic nor menacing, just deformed. Glenn calls the mask a “Jugalo Tiki Mask” from a frat party. What a burn!

Tonight’s winner is Anthony for the strong work on his characters’ head sculpture! His creature will be featured in a DC comic! That’s three wins in a row for Anthony! Can he be stopped?

Sadly…Wolverine goes home due to making too many bad decisions and not giving the judges any make up to look at. Wolverine! I can’t believe I only got to call you Wolverine for one episode!

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The episode recaps of SyFy’s Face Off Season 4 were originally written for the website, Redesign Revolution. As that site has gone offline, this article has been added into the historical archive of the Worley Gig for all of our readers to enjoy.

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