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God’s Idea of a Cruel Joke: Lukas Rossi wins Rock Star: SuperNova

Lukas Rossi
Lukas Rossi with Tommy Lee on Rock Star: SuperNova

Please do rush right over to this awesome, deliciously scathing editorial in the Village Voice that wraps up last night’s uber lame finale of Rock Star: Supernova — the worst show on television since the first season of Big Brother. My favorite parts are where author Tom Breihan refers to winner Lukas Rossi (the guy I pegged as the suckiest of the bunch right from the start!) as “an angry Canadian goth dwarf with creative facial hair” and later offers that, “Rossi is like what would happen if Orgy’s cover of “Blue Monday” somehow took human form.” Sweet!

In other fun news, CBS’ Supernova (Tommy Lee, Jason Newsted and Gilby Clarke) just lost the Lawsuit brought against them by an Orange County, CA punk rock band called Supernova and thus will have to change their name to…whatever. As Briehan says in the conclusion of his piece, “Maybe they can have another Reality Show to pick their new name”!

Rock Star Super Nova Logo

Rock Star SuperNova: The Worst Show on TV!

We Will Not Rock You

Despite its very happening website , Rock Star SuperNova is easily the worst show on TV. I’m serious; there is nothing worse on television that you could possibly find to watch. It makes American Idol look like The Sopranos by comparison. Suck City.

Even Hell’s Kitchen – with all of its screaming, backstabbing and chain smoking – has a higher entertainment factor.
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