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Video Clip of The Week: Carroll, “Bad Water”

What’s worse than waking up on the Sunday morning where we’ve turned the clocks back an hour for the switch to Daylight Saving Time? Is there any form of torture quite as cruel to the human body and mind? No me gusta. This week, to make up for the travesty that is Eastern Daylight Time, we are presenting a lovely dream pop tune to lull you into consciousness, “Bad Water” — which sweet aural and visual bliss — by the psychedelically-inclined rock quartet, Carroll.

Directed by Lila Burns, the video for “Bad Water” creates a uniquely colorful and trippy universe that serves as a visual complement to the song. Weaving shapes and images perfectly match the track’s jangly guitars and woozy laid-back sound. And the unusual color palette of green orange and blue, with cream and black is very baroque, and also quite quite tropical!

Carroll Bad Water Still

“Bad Water” comes off of Carroll’s self-titled debut, which was released last year via Entertainment One Music. The hypnotic LP is a fusion of many influences: dream-psych, surfy reverb, post-punk echoes, and piercing vocals that meld to create Carroll’s distinct sound.  The band delivers a magnetic exploration that is directed by musicianship and style, making Carroll as thoughtful as it is fun!

If you happen to be down in  Austin, TX this week for SXSW, you can check out Carroll at Tap Room at The Market on March 16th! Enjoy!

Carroll Band

Video Clip of The Week: Badflower, “Soap”

Finally, here’s an authentic, hard rock track that possesses serious balls in an otherwise nearly neutered aural wasteland. Badflower are a kick ass band from LA who seem too young to have integrated such classic, bulletproof rock influences into their high energy sound, but just listen to a few bars of “Soap” (see what I did there?) and tell me you don’t want to high-five them all around for delivering a wildly contagious burst of melodic noise that only continues to grow on you with repeated listenings.

This performance clip not only showcases drummer Anthony Sonetti’s righteous Pink Glitter Drum Shells, but demonstrates that Badflower can deliver the goods live, which is what you want. Lyrically, “Soap” has its finger on the pulse of what is going on, as singer/songwriter Josh Katz explains, “‘Soap’ is inspired by a social experiment I saw online. It followed a girl around the city and recorded multiple men cat calling her, and I thought it was interesting how something so insulting could be socially acceptable. The song is an oversimplification of the culture of male dominance and disrespectful behavior. I wrote the song from the perspective of that type of character – I enjoy writing about bizarre human tendencies, especially ones I don’t agree with or understand.”

Aurally, I love the way that “Soap” builds a slow-rolling intensity that favorably calls U2’s “Bullet The Blue Sky,” while rocking hard enough to crack a skull. Like them on the FaceBook at This Link! Enjoy!

If you’re headed to SXSW, I recommend that you check Badflower out while you’re down there:

March 17th at Austin, TX @ Bat Bar
March 2oth at Grand Prairie, TX @ South By So What
Mar 21st at Austin, TX @ Bat Bar

Badflower Band