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Celebrate National Napping Day By Taking a Nap Right Now!

Powernap Area
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I love to Nap, and March 14th is National Napping Day, providing your body an opportunity to adjust after setting the clocks ahead one hour over the weekend for Daylight Saving Time (my most-hated thing), when we lose an hour of precious sleep due to springing forward. Barf. Anyway, mid-afternoon naps are an integral part of most cultures, and scientifically proven to be good for you – so here’s to justifying a few hours of well deserved nappage! Take a nap right now!

Video Clip of The Week: Carroll, “Bad Water”

What’s worse than waking up on the Sunday morning where we’ve turned the clocks back an hour for the switch to Daylight Saving Time? Is there any form of torture quite as cruel to the human body and mind? No me gusta. This week, to make up for the travesty that is Eastern Daylight Time, we are presenting a lovely dream pop tune to lull you into consciousness, “Bad Water” — which sweet aural and visual bliss — by the psychedelically-inclined rock quartet, Carroll.

Directed by Lila Burns, the video for “Bad Water” creates a uniquely colorful and trippy universe that serves as a visual complement to the song. Weaving shapes and images perfectly match the track’s jangly guitars and woozy laid-back sound. And the unusual color palette of green orange and blue, with cream and black is very baroque, and also quite quite tropical!

Carroll Bad Water Still

“Bad Water” comes off of Carroll’s self-titled debut, which was released last year via Entertainment One Music. The hypnotic LP is a fusion of many influences: dream-psych, surfy reverb, post-punk echoes, and piercing vocals that meld to create Carroll’s distinct sound.  The band delivers a magnetic exploration that is directed by musicianship and style, making Carroll as thoughtful as it is fun!

If you happen to be down in  Austin, TX this week for SXSW, you can check out Carroll at Tap Room at The Market on March 16th! Enjoy!

Carroll Band

Ten Random Complaints That I Have Right Now


1.      Daylight Saving Time is Evil.


2.      Coach on Survivor is a complete Tool and needs to be killed by a rare tropical disease.


3.      Day job is trying to keep me from using the coffee milk for my morning cereal.


4.      It takes me one bus and three trains to get to work now (but I just pretend to hate it).


5.      People let their dogs pee and poop too close to my front door.


6.      Upstairs neighbors make too much noise.


7.      My elbow hurts.


8.      Too many changes to the internal phone list.


9.      No McDonalds or Taco Bell near the new office.


10.   Not enough time to write clever blog posts.

Daylight Saving Time Bites My Left One

Daylight Savings Time is for Retards

I hate Daylight Saving Time because it is retarded and fucks up my body clock. There is no reason for the government to play god and fuck with the time like this. Plus: Getting Up in the Dark is the WORST. Furthermore, it is stupid. Thank you.