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Jay Leno in Prime Time; Less Funny Than You Can Imagine

Jay Leno

 Somehow, I had the TV tuned to NBC at 10:00 PM last night when the new Jay Leno show debuted. It was about as funny and cutting edge as something my late grandmother would have enjoyed. In too many ways it reminded me of the now infamous, ill-fated Chevy Chase Show, which ran for only five weeks back in 1993, because it just sucked wildly. I don’t know if Jay is going to really need to rely on ratings to stay on the air, or if it’s just a given that he might draw a large enough viewership from folks my parents’ age to keep advertisers happy. But I do know that I am pretty sure I heard him use the word “Poon” when he was telling his ‘off-color’ jokes near the end of the hour. And that was kind of funny.