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6 Effective Ways To Store Green Dragon Kratom In Warm Weather

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Summers are challenging for any Kratom strain, since heat and other related conditions can compromise its potency, and Green Dragon Kratom is no exception. We understand how crucial it is for you to discover the best available storage solutions for your Kratom. After all, putting in a little extra effort regarding correct storage can go a long way towards retaining its strength and assuring a consistent experience every time.

So, how should Green Dragon Kratom be stored during the hot weather? This post will review six efficient strategies to keep your green dragon’s energy boost effects fresh and potent during the summer. Before storing these strain, you need to learn the basics like “is green vietnam kratom good for you?”
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Pink Thing of The Day: Cotton Candy Clouds Over Coney Island

cotton candy clouds photo by gail worley
Photo by Gail

Coney Island Summer Fridays are a thing I take advantage of at least once per season. Aside from the food, the fair and the fireworks, there was an added perk on offer during my recent annual pilgrimage: Clouds that looked like Cotton Candy. These gorgeous formations in shades of rose Pink and slate Blue hovered over the ocean as the sun prepared to set. They were simply breathtaking. If you were somewhere in New York, maybe you saw them as well.

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How I Am Starting to Feel About The Snow in New York City

What I love most about the man in the above image is that he looks just like my friend David Lee Beowulf!