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Virginia Residents: What To Do After a Car Accident

black suv beside grey auv crossing the pedestrian line during daytime
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In Virginia, being well-informed about the necessary steps to take after a car accident is a statutory requisite and a shield to protect yourself and adhere to state laws. This comprehensive guide serves as an essential resource for Virginia residents, providing them with a detailed checklist to follow in the unfortunate event of a car accident.
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Steps For Handling a Personal Health Crisis

be prepared
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Are you prepared to deal with a personal medical or health crisis? Don’t feel bad if the answer is no, because most people have no plan for facing a sudden event like unexpected hospital bills, the need for mental health support, a dire medical diagnosis, lack of adequate insurance, or the prospect of dying without the proper legal documents — such as  wills, advance directives, or trusts — in place. Fortunately, there are ways to begin preparing right now for all those possibilities and sidestep the potential troubles that come with them. Continue reading Steps For Handling a Personal Health Crisis

Taco Emergencies Resolved with Taco 911

Mister Taco
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Do you love Tacos? I sure do. Sometimes you just want a Taco so bad, but don’t know how to find the location nearest you that will serve you the delicious and satisfying Taco you crave. Well hey, guess what? Somebody has just invented Taco 911, a web app you can visit that will map your longitude and latitude, based on where you are when accessing the site, find the closest Taco vendor and tell you the address and directions on how to get there. Take a look at the screen shot below!

Screen Shot of Taco 911

See? So simple! As far as I know there is not yet a mobile app for Taco 911, so you have to do this the old fashioned way. Be sure to bookmark Taco 911 for all of your Taco procuring needs!

Emergency Santa Kit

Emergency Santa Kit

You need this, because you never know when you’ll need a quick Santa Disguise! The Emergency Santa Kit — with its 10″ long inflatable vinyl beard and Santa hat sized to fit most adult heads — is literally an Instant Santa in a can! Priced at just $11.95, order one for yourself before it’s too late, at This Link!

Happy 9-9-9 Day

999 Emergency

Today’s date is kind of special in that it is 09-09-09, and that also goes for places like England, where they run their dates backwards. In honor of said date ,I suggest we all celebrate by playing the records of seminal first wave British Punk band, 999. Favorite 999 Song: “Homicide.”