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Dave Hill’s Internet Explosion

Dave Hill

My good friend, Dave Hill — musician, comedian, writer, and Television Personality — has recently launched his new website, Dave Hill’s Internet Explosion. I invite you to visit it and check out all things Dave Hill right now.

FYI, Dave wrote the first article I ever read on “Furries.” You could probably find it if you Google “Dave Hill + Furries.” Fascinating.

Dave Hill, Guitarist/Songwriter, Uptown Sinclair

In a world full of people I worry might try to steal my wallet, Gail is one of those people I don’t worry about so much. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe she might try to steal my wallet at some point. It’s just that I think it’s not a priority for her right now.

Another thing I like about Gail is she’s got pink hair. Sometimes people will be all like “Dave, I bet you can’t name one writer/Reiki master that has pink hair.” And then I’m all like “Fuck you, dude. Gail Worley has pink hair! Now give me my pants back!.” They never do but at least they know I’m right about the pink hair thing.

I also like how Gail writes nice things about my music and also occasionally my manner of dress. Gail notices things and then she takes them and writes about them and for that I will be forever grateful. She is also one of the very sweetest people I’ve ever met. Until she starts drinking and then there is a lot of namecalling and stuff but then I just try to just focus on her more positive qualities.