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Bacon Thing of The Day: WWBD Bacon Spin Game Folder!

What Would Bacon Do Folder

I know it’s been a few weeks since I put up a bacon post, and that’s mostly due to just a lack of original material, because these days everybody is writing about delicious bacon. I don’t want to contribute to an overly-saturated market unless I’ve got something really good to post. But today I did find a pretty cool bacon thing that can also be a fun Holiday Gift idea: the “What Would Bacon Do?” Spin Game and School Folder! “A good folder not only holds your important papers, but provides some form of entertainment to get you through those droning lectures and meetings. Doodling on a Pee-Chee is fun for awhile, but pretty soon you’re going to get the urge to flick something. These 9-1/2” x 12” glossy folders all feature classic spinner technology; just flick the spinner and watch it twirl round and round before stopping on an amusing phrase.” Available for just $4.95 from the Bacon-loving folks at Archie McPhee.