Vincent Cecolini, Head Writer, VH1 Classic

Former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic has complained that there are more working music journalists that there are working musicians. Although I’m a music journalist, I have to admit that the fucker is right. These days, it’s hard for even talented writers to stand out, but Gail Worley has done just that and so much more. What is the special something, the magic, the gift that sets Gail apart? Just ask Ministry’s Al Jourgensen, former Alice Cooper drummer Neal Smith, former Screaming Trees drummer Barrett Martin or any of the thousands of the artists that Gail has interviewed (or rather, who have “encountered” Gail), many of whom have now become friendly with our fearless scribe. But here’s the thing: each of these artists will give you a different answer! That Gail evokes so many different responses is exactly her charm. Not only is Gail a gifted writer, but I have never met a journalist as passionate about music as she is. A dying breed, Gail Worley is a treasure.