Tool of the Month

This tool’s name is Frank Gray (aka Frankie Tee, pictured here with non-tool, actor James Caan) and he’s a musician in NYC specializing in the saxophone. Frank recently wrote me an obscenely vulgar hate mail that was typed ALL IN CAPS (signifying great eloquence). Frank didn’t sign his email, but all I had to do was Google his email address (duh) to bring up his website.

In his email, Frank took great pains to explain that, having recently visited my website, he felt strongly compelled to express feelings that I was/am one of the least attractive women on earth. Of course, Frank’s sentiments went more along the line of me being a “F*cking ugly c*nt,” but I was able to read between the lines. What a charmer Frank must be in person! I can only deduce that Frank is either a member of a band that received some kind of negative write up from me, or one of his friend’s bands received said negative review. This conclusion is basically a no-brainer, since it’s just this kind of junior high school level personal attack on my looks (wow, how creative and brave!) that I received in droves when I took on the King of Industrial Mope Rock back in the day.

I’m not sure if Frank is just a thin-skinned whiner who needs to get over it or some kind of misogynist freak, but when it comes to anonymously insulting people’s physical appearances, all I can say to Frank is that people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.