Top Ten Reasons Why Today is a Great Day

Black Nike sneakers
Free Sneakers Are Good Sneakers

Here are my Top Ten reasons why this day Rocks:

1. Was able to sleep until 7:00 AM* before my Upststairs-Neighbors-from-Hell woke me with their incessant cacaphony of moving furniture and dropping bowling balls on the floor (*usually it starts closer to 5 or 6:00 AM)!

2. Having a Good Hair Day.

3. Found a pair of brand new leather Nike sneakers — in my size (!) — in a box on top of the recycle bin out front of the Chickpad.

4. About to leave for a BBQ at Vinny and Patti’s new house in New Jersey (Tracy coming with me = extra fun)!

5. Fewer than usual shitty bands asking to join my Myspace page.

6. Received new website testimonial from Sean Kelly of my favorite rock band, Crash Kelly!

7. Discovered advance of amazing new CD by a band called Gosling (check them out)!

8. No Work Tomorrow!!

9. After two weeks of rain, I think I saw the sun come out earlier. Maybe it will come back.

10. I love being single!