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Video Clip of The Week: Toy Cars, “Bjork”

Check out this week’s Video Clip and you may wonder why New Jersey’s Toy Cars were inspired to name this song after the Icelandic pop artist “Bjork.” The lyrics don’t seem to directly address Bjork or Bjork-like activities (whatever those may be), nor does she appear in the clip, either in-person or by effigy. However, her name does get written on a small dry-erase board magnetized to a fridge at one point. So there’s that. Perhaps it is some sort of inspirational homage, which we find in This Video, or when Tame Impala named one of their songs “Led Zeppelin.” These are possibilities to consider in solving a riddle that is otherwise an enigma.

To be honest, I chose “Bjork” as this week’s video clip because, in this performance, Toy Cars sound so much like one of my favorite bands, The Replacements. And you know that cant be bad. I also love how the band capture the feel of a live performance/house party by filing this in somebody’s house.  You can watch it over and over and see something new each time. “Bjork” can be found on Toy Cars‘ latest EP, Sleeping Patterns, (released in September 2016 through Counter Intuitive Records and Sniffling Indie Kids). Enjoy!

Toy Cars Band
Toy Cars Band Photo By Brian L. Tice

The Casper Nap Tour Experience!

Casper Nap Mobile
Image Source for Above Photo. All Other Photos By Gail

If you ever take the NYC Subway, you have probably seen the hilarious  and extremely adorable ads for Casper mattresses and bedding, because they are all over the inside of the train cars. If you are not sure if you have seen them, they look like this:

Casper Nap Tour

As you can see, they are very clever, and make you want to curl up and take a nap right now! Because sleeping is awesome. And since Casper is an online merchant with no real brick-and-mortar locations (save for a couple of Showroom Locations) the company is literally taking the show, er, bed, on the road, with a multi-city Nap Tour, where you can try-out the mattresses and bedding for yourself! Nap Tour!

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Cuteness Alert: Baby Pig Napping with Stuffed Pig

Baby Pig Napping
Image Source

The Cuteness. This photo makes me want to nap.

Cuteness Alert: Piglet Sleeping on Plastic Strawberry

Piglet on a Strawberry

Let the squeeling begin.

Thanks to Wanda Rodriguez for the Image!

Moat Bed: A Cool Thing to Sleep On

Image Source

This is probably one of the coolest and most impressive bedroom designs ever! I’m not nuts about the orange paint job in this room (because you know pink is my color) — and the ‘fondant-like’ drape of the colorless linens is a huge turn-off — but I sure do love the idea of sleeping on a bed that’s suspended over a small body of water. Sleeping is one of my favorite activities and I am sure that being cradled in such a nocturnal environment as this would inspire me to have very comforting dreams.  Water beds have never really been my thing, but this I like!

It’s Official: I Am A Fan Of Sleeping!

Sleeping Rocks!

I just joined Sleeping‘s personal fan page on Face Book. How much does that rule? I love to sleep.