Best Survivor Ever!

Survivor Season 13 Final 4
The Survivor 13 Final Four

I don’t think it’s ever happened in any previous season of Survivor (and I’ve been there since Tagi and Pagong) that my two favorite players went to the final two together. That changed last night, when Yul went up against Ozzy (with Becky thrown in the middle for…some pointless reason) at the final tribal counsel to decide who wins the million dollars.

Yul Kwon Survivor
Yul: Strong, Silent, Hunky

I liked Yul from the beginning and had grown to appreciate Ozzy, to the point where I was even rooting for him there at the end. But a Yul victory is just as good, especially since Ozzy won a car and $100 grand anyway. Not too much to feel sorry for there.

Ozzy Survivor Season 13
Ozzy: Not Joey Lawrence, really.

Even though my boyfriend gives me endless shit for watching any reality TV, I love Survivor so much and will never be bullied into denying it. I’m sad that this season of Survivor is over, but happy that I can start watching  again.