Movie of The Month: GrindHouse!

Grindhouse movie poster

Top Ten Awesome Reasons to Love Grindhouse

1. Rose McGowan. I am so gay for Rose McGowan after seeing her in this movie.

2. Freddy Rodriguez. You loved him in Six Feet Under. Now fall in love all over again.

3. Jeff Fahey! Oh my god, when was the last time you saw Jeff Fahey in a movie? I think it was in The Lawn Mower Man about a gazillion years ago. Watch Grindhouse do for Jeff Fahey’s career what Pulp Fiction did for John Travolta.

4. Bruce Willis: I even love Bruce Willis in this movie.

5. Four Words: The Crazy Babysitter Twins.

6. Trailer for Don’t!

7. Trailer for Thanksgiving!

8. Machete: “If you hire him to kill the bad guys, you had better make sure you’re not one of them.”

9. Four Words: Hypodermic Needle Garter Belt.

10. Kurt Russell as Stunt Man Mike! I think the first time I saw Kurt Russell in a film was when I was five years old and my parents took us to see Walt Disney’s The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes. Forty years later, Kurt is still kicking big screen ass. Now that’s career longevity!