Memo to NYC Cab Drivers: “Pucker Up!”


Warning: Rant Ahead 

Today is the final day of a two-day strike by NYC cab drivers in protest of a city order that they install credit-card readers and global-positioning systems in their vehicles. Oh my, the poor babies. In retaliation, the cabs that are still on the street are charging double their zone rates for all fares. As far as I’m concerned, anybody who pays that jacked-up fare is an idiot and all the striking cabdrivers can bite me.

They can strike for the rest of their lives or lose their jobs if it suits them. I won’t be losing any sleep over it.  Taxi cabs, and cars in general, are a pariah on the city. They could disappear tomorrow and I wouldn’t shed a tear.

With the excellent rapid transit system we have in place, NYC streets need to be clogged with honking, overpriced, smelly cabs like I need a second head.  The subway system, occasionally augmented by a cross town bus, will take you anywhere in the city for $2.00 and it’s a gazillion times faster than only the fastest cab traveling at 5:00 AM on a weekday, although the smell is about the same.

If you are traveling to and from the airport, call a car service. Otherwise, use the fucking subway and bus system or – here’s a novel idea – get some exercise and walk. Cabs are for pussies. Unless you are hauling a ridiculous amount of luggage or trying to move furniture, there is little reason to ever take a cab. 

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Thank you.

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