I Love The Office

Fun Run

Pam: “Michael, 5k means 5 kilometers not 5,000 miles.”

Okay, how perfect was last week’s season 4 debut episode of The Office? Seriously, it would be hard for me to choose my favorite subplot: Micheal accidentally hitting Meredith with his car? Angela’s cat being euthanized by Dwight? Confirmation that TV’s Hottest Couple, Pam and Jim are, in fact, finally dating? The 5k Fun Run for Rabies? I just can’t decide. God, I worship that show. For all of my fellow fans of The Office, I’d like to turn you on to an awesomely cool website, Dunderball Dot Com. Here you will find all the latest episode’s unforgettable and highly repeatable quotes for, well, repeating endlessly around your own office on Friday morning!