Jonathan Says Good-Bye to Survivor Fans Vs Favorites

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Oh, Jonathan! How Could You Leave Us So Soon?

Wow, what a huge bummer and severe blow to the game on last night’s Survivor to lose Jonathan Penner – my personal favorite to win this season – due to a potentially life-threatening infection in his injured knee. Tracy and I both actually got a little misty as Jonathon reluctantly said a tearful goodbye to his tribe and boarded a medical boat to be taken to the hospital for surgery. Motherfucker. Farewell JP! See you on the Reunion show in about 10 weeks!

One thought on “Jonathan Says Good-Bye to Survivor Fans Vs Favorites”

  1. You know I really liked Jonathan. I thought he got a bad rep his first time around. Hopefully we will see him again on future survivors.

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