Black Halos Gear Stolen in Montreal!

Black Halos

The Black Halos are an awesome bunch of guys that are one of my favorite garage/glam rock bands as well as being good friends of mine. A couple of nights ago the band’s van was stolen after they played a gig in Montreal. The van contained all of their equipment and merchandise. Like all working bands, the Halos do not have the funds to replace this equipment and are both emotionally and financially devastated. Those of you who know me well know that I have in the past been the victim of grand larceny and that my feeling on the subject is that stealing is just as bad as murder.

While the thieves responsible deserve to be apprehended and thrown in jail for life, the important thing now is trying to recover this equipment and get the Halos back out on the road bringing the rock to the masses. Below is a list of everything that was stolen, along with contact information for the band should you have any leads. Please feel free to repost this list on your blog and to circulate it among the rock community in case musicians might see these items in local pawn shows along the east coast (but likely within the Canadian border). Good Luck Black Halos. I will love you guys forever.



Black Halos Gear, Merchandise and CDs all stolen Last night in Montreal (3/17/08) our van and trailer was stolen with all our gear,merchandise and CDs. None of these items are insured.Below is a list of gear that was stolen. PLEASE WATCH FOR ANY OF THESE ITEMS on the internet or at pawn shops. Please also note we had close to 400 CDs stolen with our merchandise. IF YOU SEE THE CDS (WE ARE NOT ALONE) FOR SALE ON ANY WEBSITE OTHER THAN HISTORY MUSIC, PEOPLE LIKE YOU OR ACETATE SITES PLEASE E-MAIL US.  PLEASE RE-POST THIS EVERYWHERE YOU CAN.

Rob’s Gear

Ludwig 4 piece drum set Red Glitter Metal Flake  

24 inch Bass drum w/ Black Halos front head logo 

14 inch Rack Tom 18 inch Floor Tom 

14 x 6.5 inch Dunnett custom metal snare drum (personally autographed by Dunnett on inside of shell) 

DW 5000 double chain drum pedal 

3 Pearl strait cymbal stands 1 Pearl high hat stand 24 inch Paiste 2002 Ride Cymbal 14 inch Zildjian Z series high hats 18 inch Zildjian A series Rock Crash 19 inch Zildjian A series Rock Crash16 inch Zildjian A series Rock Crash  

Yamaha snare stand 

Pearl rack tom mount stand  

All drums are in hard shell black cases all with yellow Black Halos logo onthem. 


Johnny’s Gear 

Two guitars in red/silver aluminum road case.

Guitar one: 1960 Gibson LesPaul (sunburst finish). It has been re-finished on the backside of the neck by the head-stock. It’s discolored there.

Guitar two: White, Sparrow rat-rod (looks like a Les Paul). Has a black pic guard and has the Black Halos logo lettering on the body. Skull and wings on the back of body. 

OneBogner guitar head. 100 watt model (the Ecstasy) black, with no handle.

One Fender 4/10 deville guitar amp; black/silver

One orange tool box full of guitar cords/ guitar strings/ three guitar effects pedals.

Pedals from orange box:

1) Vox wah-wah ( silver/blk)

2) Boss, super distortion (yellow)

3) Custom red/black distortion pedal (turbo tube screamer)

One suitcase with guitar effects pedal board.


1.) Bogner foot controller

2.) Boss tuner (white/black)

3.) Morley a/b amp switch

4.) Boss super phaser (green)

5.) Digitech wah pedal ( red/black)

Two guitar stands; one holds 3 guitar/ the other holds 5.  


Adam’s Gear

1 Black Custom made Sparrow primitive 335 Electric Hollowbody guitar. NoSerial Number. Name “Vanessa” painted on headstock. Silver Skull and Wings Art work onfront of guitar.Silver Black Halos Logo painted on back of guitar. 

1 Black Custom made Sparrow primitive 335 Electric Hollowbody guitar. No Serial Number. Blue with Purple Detailed graphic artwork. 

1 modified Peavey 100 watt Classic Guitar Amplifier Head. See Band Manifest for Serial Number. Tweed in Colour with Leapard Print Fabric on Front. Covered with various stickers and Tape. 

1 Black Scuba zip off BackPack. Contains the following guitar items: 

1 Blue MXR 10 band EQ guitar effect box. See Band Manifest for Serial Numbers. Hard wired powercord attached had pink tape on it.

1 modified Blue MXR 10 band EQ guitar effect box. Serial number not available. No powercord attached. Switch installed. Had pink tape on it. 

1 White Boss TU-2 guitar tuner. See Band Manifest for serial number.  

3 black 18 ft guitar cords 

1 black 2 ft gtr cord 

1 tweed 18 ft guitar cord 2 blue 6 inch guitar cords 

1 black 3 ft speaker cord Approximately

7-10 packs Ernie Ball Guitar Strings 

1 pack of 50 sparrow guitar pics  

1 Black 4×12 Trayner Guitar Speaker Cabinet  

JR’s Gear 

Fender Precision Bass. Sunburst finish with black pickguard. SKB Fender hardshell case. 

Rickenbacker 4003 Bass. Jet Glo (Black) finish with black Pickguardian custom pickup cover. Rickenbacker hardshell case. 

Gallien-Krueger 800RB bass head. 

Traynor TC810 bass cabinet 

Proco Turbo Rat distortion pedal 

Boss TU-2 Cromatic Tuner Black bag with pedals also had items below.

2 Yorkville 20″ patch cords (angled end)

1 Yorkville 10″ patch cord2 packs medium L&M bass strings. 


4 thoughts on “Black Halos Gear Stolen in Montreal!”

  1. I re-posted on the Seattle Craig’s List…every little bit helps, right?

  2. I have posted this heartbreaking news on my myspace bulletins page, and many friends have passed it on as well.

    The hunt should be focused on EAST coast!! Concentrate on Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec City as places that equipment is likely to end up. I doubt they’d go over any border with a truck load of stolen equipment! Pawn shops require ID to take stuff off you, don’t they? Ebay’s a good place to look too!

    It’s tough enough for musicians just making ends meet getting from one gig to the next, having to PAY to play while touring. Nobody expects to get robbed of EVERYTHING and it really is devastating when your livlihood depends on every single piece!!

    I’ve also been a victim of GRAND theft Montreal just last fall…the entire contents of my apartment, my lifelong possessions which I left in the hands of ‘friend’ Tony Iaizzo, whom I’d known for 20 years, cleared it out right down to the doornobs and the lightbulbs, he even got rid of my CAT!!! and the police did nothing. He strung me along for over a year pretending all was well, until I arrived to ship it back to the UK and there wasn’t a thing!!! I might be 3600 miles away from Montreal, but is it not still a crime? YOU CAN’T TRUST ANYBODY! Worst thing is, I KNOW the guy–and now he’s calling me a bitch cause I want compensation!!!! WTF???

    Here’s a take on that story..
    (pretty unsettling, and I’ve added to the writer’s interpretation with my own comment to clear up a few inaccuracies)

    We can only feel stupid for letting these things happen to us. Even getting your wallet snatched or your bicycle…it’s all horrible…ffs…lets get these low-life fuckers, stealing is so undignified!! Karma karma karma!!!

    Good luck guys, I really hope you find your stuff.

    (didn’t mean to take away from The Black Halos horror and sound off my own dilemna on your blog..but hey, it’s an outlet, I’m still reeling from it, I thank you!)


  3. Guys, I’m so sorry to hear about your loss (I’ve had my gear stolen before as well). I’ve posted your gear and van. I asked my friends in Montreal to spread the word. I hope the catch the bastard (s) who did this. Hope to see you soon.

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